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Summer 2

Week 1 

This term we will be doing cricket in PE on Tuesdays. Here are the foxes showing good over arm throwing skills and learning how to score runs while running with a bat.

The Y4s were excellent Walkley ambassadors at the Sheffield Buddhist Centre. We were warmly welcomed by Srivati, had a tour of the centre and did 3 fabulous activites where we learnt more about Buddhism and got to express the knowledge we had learnt in school. Well done to all for your concentration, curiosity and walking back from the centre in record time for lunch!

On Thursdays, our PE lessons will be all things dodgeball! We will learn how to throw, dodge, catch, communicate and use tactics to play this fun and energetic game!

In Geography this term, we will be studying the Taiga Biome which will link to our forthcoming History topic on "The Vikings". The children did a great job looking at atlases, biome maps and climate maps. We also learned about the main features of a Taiga biome, which animals live there and which countries have a Taiga biome. Here are the foxes comparing the UK's biome (deciduous forest) with the Taiga biome.

Week 2

Our RE enquiry for this term is, "Do people need to go to church to show they are Christians?" Here are the Foxes doing circle time about places that are special to them (E.G. My gran's house, my garden, the park) and matching special places of worship with different faiths.

Here are the Foxes working on their bowling, running and throwing skills

In Geography, we were looking at places in the Taiga Biome, its changing climate and why so few people migrate and settle in this biome which covers nearly 20% of the Earth's land.

This week it was the Year 4's turn in "Forest School". Our first lesson was connected to our Science learning where we went on an invertebrate hunt and found wood lice, snails, ants, butterflies, spiders and a few more fascinating creatures! The Y4s did a great job classifying , identifying and sketching different living things .

The Foxes had a great time playing "Cannon Ball" in our dodgeball lesson where children had to run the gauntlet and dodge multiple balls coming in different directions!

Our second forest school lesson was learning and recapping some key Geography skills such as map reading and using a 4 figure grid reference. The children took it in turns to hide an object from their partner and then give them a 4 figure grid reference to find it. Great map work was on display in the beautiful weather!

The Arches sport organisation held a fantastic Year 4 girls' tag -rugby tournament. The Y4 girls did a superb job defending and attacking with two of the players picking up medals for their tremendous defending and running into space.

Life in Wild Taiga without roads and communication.

Here is a short film about the Shor people who are one of many indigenous people of the Taiga Forests in Russia. This film was taken in the short season of summer before the long harsh winter begins in the Taiga Biome.

Week 3

The Foxes were identifying and knowing the properties of different quadrilaterals in maths today. Here they are using real and virtual geo boards to make these different 2D polygons

Today's rain didn't stop us from sharpening up our batting skills for cricket. Well done all for working on your stance and hand-eye coordination!

Week 4

The Foxes did a superb job implementing their designs to produce some excellent fabric collages inspired by Gee's Bend quilts. Please ask your child about the origins of these quilts, what makes them special and how they are now viewed as key pieces of North American art.

Gee's bend, quilting over generations

The Foxes are writing a balanced argument about if Edward Tulane's journey was positive. Please have a re-watch of this super BBC short film where Steve Backshaw attempts to write a balanced argument about, "Is it good to walk up Mount Snowdon?"

The foxes did a great job reflecting on the similarities and differences between Viking and Anglo Saxon cultures. Great teamwork, critical thinking and historical knowledge were on display.

Week 5

The Foxes did a sensational job at the Sheffield Music Hub summer performance. The class became a samba band and showcased our rhythm and percussion skills. Also, well done to the Y4s who played their violins and the wonderful Y3s and Y6s. Finally, thank you to Joe Green, our superb drumming teacher, and everyone at the Sheffield Music Hub.

Come & See: A Catholic Church

The Foxes have been trying to answer the enquiry question, "Do Christians need to go to church?". We have looked at what things happen in churches and what the bible teaches Christians about public worship. Please ask your child about baptism, holy communion and how churches differ (E.G Catholic, Anglican and Orthodox).

Week 6

The Foxes have enjoyed learning about the Vikings this term. This week we learnt about Alfred the Great's daughter Æthelflæd. We also learnt about King Æthelstan and how some historians argue that "Englishness" was born at the battle of Brunanburh where an English army fought against a Viking and Scottish army.

"Jabberwocky": One of literature's best bits of nonsense

The Y4's have enjoyed studying this nonsense poem and planning to write their own!

Our last drumming sessions was a hoot with Joe Green. We continued our Samba band drumming drills but also had an opportunity to try a drum kit too!

Here are some more snaps of the Foxes fabulous Gee's Bend quilt inspired fabric collages!

This term, we have been coding and debugging programs. Here are the children coding, testing and debugging a traffic light activity and creating a game called "Bounce!"

Music Summer Performance Violins and Samba

Uploaded by WPS Video on 2023-07-13.

Walkley Primary School/Music Hub Pathways Clarinet Performance July 2023

Uploaded by WPS Video on 2023-07-17.

The foxes did a series of Design and Technology focused task today where they got to grips with sewing backstitches and blanket stiches. Well done for learning these very strong stiches which are great for attaching fabrics together.

The Foxes had a ball doing our sports and art class wide reward party. Well done all as you thoroughly deserved it!

In RE we expressed our knowledge of religious places and places special to people. Well done for these lovely pieces of art.