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Summer 2

We have been approached by a child in Year 2 whose grandad works for the Sheffield Cathedral Project (CAP). One person in the group who attends from abroad is Antoine. He was a teacher in the Congo. His school is not very well funded (by UK standards). Each year he sends a box of learning aids to his old school. He will be sending a box this July. Our year 2 child has given him pens from her own pencil case. If you would like to donate some pens or pencils to this cause, could you bring them in this week to Giants (wk beginning 17/7/23). We would suggest that (new) pens, graphite pencils, coloured pencils and coloured pens would be ideal. Thanks for your donations.

The Owl and the Pussycat Giants

After writing their own versions of Edward Lear's classic poem, the children used talk for writing to memorise the original. If you see a child look down, they are only looking at pictures they have used to retell the poem, not the poem itself.

What a brilliant Sports day! Thank you so much for coming out. The children were amazing and had a fabulous time. It was so lovely to share a picnic with you all. The children love seeing their home life being a part of their school life.

Newsflash!! There have been strange goings on at Walkley Primary school. From pupils breaking in half or having babies, teachers and monkeys flying or even times it has rained tacos! We will give you more details as we unearth them.

Citizenship - Online safety


This roving reporter has found the answer to all of the strange going ons at Walkley Primary school. It turns out that the year 2s have been learning about fake news. They have been learning that anybody can put things online and have been encouraged to recognise the difference between truth and fiction. They have been discovering that things online are often not true and they have become more familiar with the term ‘Fake News’. They have now written their own fake news stories.

This week in PE the children were learning to develop racket skills and use them to return a ball. To achieve this they needed to draw on earlier lessons and begin in the ready position to prepare for a ball coming towards them and hold the racket on the grip with a relaxed wrist.

Lego club has landed and it rocked (or should I say bricked)! As a dad and a teacher, I have always been a huge fan of Lego. The 7 Biggest Benefits of Playing with LEGOs • Improve Focus and Concentration. ... • Increase Spatial Awareness. ... • Develop Fine Motor Skills. ... • Encourage Lateral Thinking and Creative Problem Solving. ... • Inspire Experimentation and Adventure. ... • Teach Organization Skills and Patience. ... • Better Communication and Teamwork. It’s also huge fun!! Each week, the children have had a special challenge. Due to the time constraint of the club, it has been important for the children to have a specific goal in mind. In the first two weeks, the children have been charged with building a car that travels the furthest (a good exploration of wheels and axels) and build a boat that would save them from a desert island. There is always the option of completing my challenge cards also.

Last term the children were exploring that praying in a mosque gives a sense of belonging because they are worshipping with others who believe and feel the same. They are also in a place specially built to worship God. Praying here shows respect to God. Knowing that all Muslims face the same way when they pray, also makes them feel like they are part of a big family. This term we visited the Madina Masjid Mosque to explore these themes. It was a fantastic morning and the teacher who showed us around was friendly and informative throughout. He showed us how Muslims perform Wudu (washing) before they pray and answered lots of questions. The children were fabulous! They asked many insightful questions and the teacher was amazed that they were only year 2s! We were very proud of the Muslim children who went to the front to pray. They looked very proud of their heritage and were able to show us another side of themselves we don't get to see in school.

This term in our Monday lessons, children will develop the basic skills involved in net and wall games. They will develop their understanding of the principles of net and wall games such as using the ready position to defend their space and sending the ball away from an opponent to maximise their chances of scoring. They will learn to play games honestly, abiding by the rules and showing respect towards their opponents and teammates. This week we began by revising the ready position and played games which highlighted it's importance.

Walkley Primary School/Music Hub Y2 recorders performance July 2023

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