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Summer 2

We had an AMAZING time at Weston park museum. The children explored the exhibits, particularly the ones about Sheffield during the 1950s/60s which linked to our History. The children also really enjoyed their workshop where they learned about old, new and unique toys and made their own unique toy out of clay. We received excellent feedback on the children's behaviour, curiosity and overall conduct. Well done superstar Posties!

DT: the children have been practising using a knife and cutting soft fruit. Today they made and tasted a delicious fruit salad.

The children had a great time during their outdoor party, for their class wide reward. The enjoyed playing with different outdoor equipment and toys. It was lovely to see them so relaxed and having so much fun with their friends.

We had a great time on our trip to South Road. The children loved looking at the art work and particularly enjoyed spotting the swallows on the smaller works on art.