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Summer 2

In DT we have designed and made our very own fruit smoothies for an end of term treat! We learned how to chop safely and use a 'claw' hand! What did you put in yours? Have you had your (at least) 5 fruit or veg today?

Sports Day fun!We loved running our races and cheering each other on! Did you prefer running race, bean bag on head or tennis racket balance race? You were all great sports people to persevere and cheer together!

We had a great time at forest school hunting for as many different colours as we coudl find!

After sketching the local mural last week, in groups collaboratively, we painted a large background scene. The children enjoyed looking at each other's art work and what they liked about them as they were all very different.

Anansi class were excited for their Class Wide Reward (for earning 100 CWRs) and broiught their teddies into school for a fun day! Did your teddy learn something new?

Anansi loved their trip to South Road to see the mural by local artist Nicole White. We had a go at sketching it ourselves under the shade fo the trees. We then spotted other street art ont he walk back to school.