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Summer 2

We loved finishing our DT project of designing a fruit smoothie! We used our chopping skills after designing which fruits to use. Next we blended them together and tasted them! Delicious! Which fruits did you use?

We have continued our weekly skipping practise in PE all year and this is paying off as so many of us are now skipping whizzes! Can you skip with a skipping rope at home? We also practised some sports day skills such as javelin!

We have continued with our DT project this week by learning and practising chopping skills. Can you remember what hold to do to chop fruit? We enjoyed tasting fruits after and describing them. I was really proud of children trying new fruits which they didnt usually like, what fruit can you try at home this week? Can you show your safe chopping skills?

Happy Father's Day! We hope you liked your special cards! What did you say thank you for?

Anansi had a great time in forest school this week. We designed a forest artwork thinking about the resources we would be able to use there. Then we had fun at forest school making our outdoor art! Great job everyone!

Anansi loved our art walk! We were art detectives spotting street art/murals around our local area. We then saw the mural on South Road by Nicole White, local artist, that we have been studying and based our own art work on. Can you see any near your house?

What a great start to the summer term Anansi! We completed our art project by painting our mural paintings of the view from our school. We thought about background, foreground and making different shades of green. We then had an outdoor gallery to showcase our finished pieces. Great art work everyone!