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Summer 2

Magna! What a start to the last half term of Year 5!

All the Year 5s had the opportunity to visit the Magna Science Adventure Centre in Templeborough today - many for the first time. Everything went to plan and we filled the day from start to finish. We visited all of the four Zones and enjoyed the hands-on approach to learning, the huuuuuuge outdoor adventure playground and a fascinating workshop about our solar system (and a little bit beyond...). May people's highlights might have been the 'fire tornado', or the liquid-fuelled rockets demonstrated - all you need is an empty bottle, some methylated spirit, a lighter and a sense of adventure...

The children were a credit to Walkley Primary School and it was a pleasure to spend the day with them enjoying learning outside the classroom.

There are some photographs below (sorry about the quality; the iPad doesn't cope well in low-light conditions).