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Summer 2

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

We popped back to our work on recycling and talked about the importance of recycling plastic. 

We read 'Goldilocks, eat your greens', which was a story about healthy eating and a balanced diet. We had a great conversation about when it is okay to have treats and how to make healthy choices. 

We designed our own healthy lunch boxes. We talked about how you can have treats, but not all of the time. 

We had a visitor from HSBC bank to tell us about money and how we can save. We thought about our dream house and how we could afford it one day if we kept saving. We loved dreaming big and designing our houses. 

We spread glitter germs. Mrs Selwood sneezed glitter into her hand. We all held hands together with lots of different people and watched the glitter germs spread! We talked about the importance of washing your hands with soap. We read 'Super Soaps' and found many times we should wash our hands each day. We made posters for the new Caterpillars to help them learn what to do. 

We talked about safety around medicines and who should give them to us. We decided that a trusted adult is the best idea to help us keep safe. 

We visited the new 'Calm Forest' and found lots of way to help us regulate our emotions. We had a great time exploring and learning how we would use the area when we go to Year 1. 

We read 'The Koala Who Could'. A book about a koala who was nervous going to new places. We chatted about how this can link to us having worries about going to Year 1. To start getting excited and find out more about what they will be getting up to, we looked at the class blogs for the Anansi and Jolly Postie class. It was great to see they do the same things as us, but also exciting to see the things that will be new too. 

Physical Development

In PE this term we are focusing on ball skills. The children did a great job moving around a carousel of various activities, practising their underarm and overarm throws as well as learning control and turn taking skills. 

In the forest, we strengthen our fingers by spraying leaves with a spray bottle. 


Supertato to the rescue! Evil Pea has trapped our veggies. We have written to Supertato to say we can help and have made wanted posters so we can catch him. 

Building traps to catch Evil Pea!

Voting for our favourite book as part of the Sheffield Book Awards. 

We found Evil Pea had been caught. He wrote us a letter asking if we could give him a second chance. To make sure it would be more successful this time, we wrote him a letter including our school rules for him to follow. We hope he will follow our school rules this time... 


We hid minibeasts and once we had found them, we sorted them into tens frames to see how many we had. 

We made number bonds to 10 with our Numicon. 

We explored odd and even numbers using objects, Numicon and Rekenreks. We discovered even numbers are made with a double. 

We have been consolidating about Number bonds to 5 by singing '5 little speckled frogs' and using our new skills of dice frames to represent the song.

We started looking at the very early stages of time. We enjoyed trying to count 1 minute in our heads. We played a game to see who was the closest to hitting a minute bang on! 

We have been learning about money and what one penny represents. It was great to chat to the children about where money comes from and what we use it for. We loved going to the toy shop and spending our pennies. 

Understanding the World 

We looked at types of trees and leaves and matched them up on our tree identification sheet. 

In R.E, we have built houses and rooms and talked about different houses around the world. We discussed how different rooms were special to different people. 

We looked at different fruit and found where they were grown. We talked about where the places were on a map and why different fruits grew in different places. Some fruits needs hot, sunny weather.... do we get that consistently here? 

We talked about churches and why they are special to Christians. 

We have been looking at us as babies! This has been great and we have loved chatting about how we have changed. We had an in depth discussion about what we needed to do to become a grandparent. We went around the staff and found a couple of grandparents. We talked about what grandparents were like and even walked about like one! 

Expressive Art and Design

We drew signs on summer after we had been on a nature walk. 

We made nature crowns. 

We started our new D.T project on making a healthy fruit salad. We tasted the fruits we will choose from and enjoyed voting for our favourite. The Caterpillars love fruit and it was great to see them enjoying it. 

We practised our cutting skills using knives, chopping boards and bananas. We did a great job slicing our bananas into bite-sized pieces. 

We designed our fruit salad and included our favourite fruits into our plans. We collected our plans together and made a shopping list, ready for our fruit salad making. 

We went up to the Creative Zone and loved reading our plans to see which fruits we had chosen. We collected our fruits and chopped them into bitesize pieces. After a quick mix, it was ready to enjoy. We loved it!