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Summer 2 - Can We Build It?


Caterpillars, I cannot begin to tell you how proud of you I am. You have made me smile daily and I can't believe how much you have grown over the year. What a blast we have had! We have done so many things and enjoyed every day together. 

Thank you for all of your hard work. Please come back and visit when you are in Year 1. 

Here is that first picture so you never forget... 

Well done 


Miss Hill 

Week 7

After a long anticipated wait... we made it to Cleethorpes!!! What an incredible time we had. The children arrived early and we were ready to get on the coach and set off. By the time we had reached Aldi in Hillsborough, children were already asking if we were nearly there. We arrived and of course, went straight to the toilet. We made it to the beach and sat down for lunch at 11:20. We were all starving! After lunch, we enjoyed a carousel of activities. The children went on a shell hunt, built sandcastles, played with quilts and sack races, played parachute games and just thoroughly enjoyed playing in the sand. We enjoyed chips on the beach before heading off to get a group photograph and head back to the coach. Every single child was incredible and we are all so proud of them. We loved plan B, but plan A was much better :) Well done everyone! From Miss Hill

Week 6

What a great week we have had! It has been as normal a week as possible... but... the children have been very busy. They decided to throw a party for Miss Hargreaves and I. They planned it all by themselves. Some made bunting, some planned pass the parcel, some designed prizes. There was a DJ, hairdresser and outfit designer. The children have wowed us with their independence. They even made a present for us to say thank you for a great year. 

It is times like this when you we can see how much the children have learnt over the year. They communicated ideas and opinions with each other. They used the expressive arts and design skills along with their imaginations to create the objects needed. They used their PSED skills to solve issues with others, to get along and show a mature attitude to their friendships. They used their number skills to count how many they needed of everything. Children were using their writing skills to design invitations and making sure there was one with all of the names on. Just wow... an idea completely led by themselves and an absolute joy to watch. 


They have shown us this week how ready they are for Year 1 and how great they are going to be! 

Well done Caterpillars


Miss Hill  

Week 5

Another fabulous week! It has been very busy here in Caterpillars. We have visited our new classes and had Sports Day! 

Our Transition Morning was a lovely experience to go and visit our new classrooms and meet the staff. Everyone did very well and feedback has been lovely to hear. 

The new Caterpillars took Miss Hill by surprise as they seem so small in comparison to this bunch :) They have done a lot of growing in the last 10 months. 

Sports Day was a fantastic event yesterday and enjoyed by all. Well done to everyone that took part. The children took part in tradition races as well as a carousel of activities in the afternoon. It was a beautiful day and we tried our best to stay safe in the sun! 

Reports have gone home today... they have been a pleasure to write because they are such a fabulous class. I am very proud of all you have achieved this year. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Not long to go now...


Miss Hill 


Week 4

The trip that wasn't a trip... 

What a week! We were all set to go to Cleethorpes on Wednesday. Sadly, the bus company let us down. HOWEVER, Team Walkley pulled it out of the bag and brought the seaside to us. What fantastic teamwork from all the staff as by 9.30... the Walkley Seaside had been constructed. Sand and water trays had appeared. Deck chairs were out. A tropical island projected on the screen. The sound of waves playing the background. Parachute games were happening. The beach ball was being bopped around. WOW! 

Most importantly, the children were fantastic and dealt with their disappointment fabulously and had a fantastic day. My favorite quote was "this is the best day ever".

We even managed to strike up a quick deal with Admiral Fish and Chip shop in Crookes and ordered 60 portions of chips to enjoy at 'the Walkley Seaside'. 

Thank you everyone for you support this week. 

We are trying our best to rearrange! 

Well done! 


Miss Hill 

Week 3

This week, we received a letter. It was from Mr Tide, the marine archaeologist. He needed some help. He has been given a project to build a cruise ship, but kept losing his plans. He would put them down somewhere and never find them again! He had heard that we were great builders in Caterpillars so asked for our assistance to help him plan and build the boat. 

We researched cruise ships and what is on board. He sent us pictures of the tool he might use, we discussed what they might be for and how to use them. 

On Thursday, he came to visit. We worked as a class to design the interior of the boat. Children then used their time in Continuous Provision to build a replica of the ship to send to him. 


In Maths this week, we have been looking at time and different ways to measure it. We had lots of fun timing how long it took us to do things and how many pompoms we can pick up in a minute. We closed our eyes and stood up when we thought a minute had passed. Lots of fun has been had whilst exploring sand timers and stop watches.  


Thanks for a great week everyone. 


Miss Hill 

Week 2

A great week in Caterpillars. We had a lovely time at the Eid celebration on Monday. What a feast! Thank you to all of the families who helped organise it. 

On Tuesday, it was the Musical Extravaganza.... and an extravaganza it was! Some fabulous performances from children and parents. There were even a few Caterpillars on the stage it various points throughout the evening. 

A week like this just sums up our Walkley family. Thank you everyone for your continued support. 


In the classroom, we have had a visit from the Big Bad Wolf!!! He has come to try to blow our houses down. 

In Maths, we have been using Base 10 to make teen numbers. The children really enjoyed being able to see a block of ten and then count on. 

Well done everyone! 


Miss Hill 

The 3 Little Pigs

We read the story of the 3 Little Pigs. WE talked about the Big Bad Wolf and which materials were easier for him to blow away. We looked at a selection of materials and objects and made predictions about which could be 'blown away.' We then had a go at being the big bad wolf. We 'huffed and puffed' but did they blow away? 


Week 1

We have had a fantastic first week back. We have introduced our topic by looking at the amazing Learning Logs which have been completed over the holiday. Well done everyone... we have seem some amazing creations!

This term, we are looking at the theme of 'Can We Build It?'. We have started this week by looking at many different versions of 'The Three Little Pigs'. We have discussed different types of materials and thought about how to build a stable house. 

In our groups, we have been building houses made of items found around the classroom. The children have been very imaginative and used chairs, tires and lots of cement. I have been very impressed with their problem solving and group work. 


We hope our families had a lovely time celebrating Eid together. We are really looking forward to our school celebration after school on Monday. On Tuesday, it is Proms on the Playground. This is another great opportunity to celebrate what a fantastic school we are.

Thanks for a great week. 


Miss Hill


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Honey on Toast

We had a very special delivery of a real honeycomb from one of the Year 1 parents.

After learning about bees in our previous topic it was so exciting to see. The smell was delicious and it looked amazing. What better thing for us to do but have an afternoon of making and eating honey on toast. A big thumbs up from all the Caterpillars!