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Summer 2 Groovy Greeks & Extreme Earth

- Week 1 - 

In Art, we have learnt how to create a monoprint - a technique used by Delita Martin. 

We also explored different layering techniques. 

Groooooovy Greek Day

In English, we have been publishing our list poems '10 Things in Pandora's Box' using stopmotion animation. 

- Week 2 - 

In Science, we have been learning about the human skeleton as part of our topic 'Brilliant Bodies' We learnt the names of some of the different bones, how our skeleton  supports, protects and helps our bodies to move and created our own mini models using split pins at the joints.

In Art, we have been working on our sketchbook recording for the different printing techniques we have learnt about and been exploring. We have also designed and made a start on our final pieces. We look forward to sharing these with you soon! 

- Week 3 - 

And here they are... our final pieces for our Art unit learning different printing techniques inspired by multimedia artist Delita Martin. 

- Week 4 - 

In Science, we investigated whether or not longer bones meant you could jump further and throw a beanbag further. 

- Week 5 - 

One Step on the Moon - for the Halle performance

In Science, we made models to show how pairs of muscles work together by contracting and relaxing in order to make our bones move. 

Extreme Earth

Music Showcase

- Week 6 - 

In Geography, we have been learning about our Extreme Earth. We learnt about the different layers and made our own models. 

- Week 7 -