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Summer 2 The Land of the Pharaohs


We've been very busy scientists in Aslans this afternoon! We worked in teams to plan an investigation into how water is transported in a plant. 

We then set up our investigation using celery, flowers and blue food dye. We made predictions about what we think will happen to the flower and celery.  Can you see how we made it a fair test?

We then dissected some celery.  We discovered thin tubes running through the celery stem. What do you think these might be for?

Fantastic Flowers

We've been very busy scientists learning why plants have flowers.  We began by dissecting a flower to name the different parts.   

Next we worked in pairs to make our own model flowers which included the stamen and the stigma.

Check out our fabulous flowers!

We learnt about different types of pollinating insects and made our own out of card.  We demonstrated our flowers being pollinated using our insects.

Y3 Mummification

Y3 One Voice Singing Festival 2021