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Summer 2 - The Land of the Pharaohs

Week 1 - Egyptian Workshop - Journey to the Afterlife

Year 3 enjoyed a fantastic trip to Western Park. After a morning in the museum, they participated in an Egyptian workshop which taught them all about the Egyptian ritual of mummification. The children all took on key roles in order to act out this lengthy process and learnt about the beliefs of this amazing ancient civilisation. 

An Unusual Discovery

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In literacy this week, Year 3 have travelled back in time to the land of the ancient Egyptians. We have watched a voiceless animation of an archaeologist and his trusty companian, his camel, as they made a rather strange discovery in the depths of the Saharan desert. We sequenced the key events in the story before making inferences about both characters' thoughts and feelings. To add detail to our writing, we have been practising using adverbials to give information about when, where, how and why something is happening. We have been using 'Grammarsaurus' songs to help us with our grammar. You can watch for yourself below.

Plant growing experiment

As part of our new science topic 'How did that blossom become an apple?' we have planted bean seeds in different conditions to investigate what plants need to grow. The conditions we are investigating are light, water, soil and temperature. We designed an investigation to test the importance of these factors and made sure we carry out a fair test by only changing one factor and controlling all the others. We will observe our seeds over the next few weeks and see what the seeds to germinate and then what the seedlings need to grow. We will compare this to the predictions we have made.

Week 2 - Online Safety

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Following our Online Safety pupil questionnaire, Year 3 were challenged by Mr Wallis to find out more about PEGI ratings and why they're so important for helping us stay safe online. Watch our video to find out more!

Week 3 - Woodland Weaving Project - Forest School

Part 1 - Making Natural Dyes

After being inspired by learning about the Peruvian dyeing process, we decided to have a go at making our own natural dyes from different foods. We had different groups working to create different coloured dyes before adding our fabric and salt to set the colour.

Part 2 - Hanging our fabric up to dry and making weaving looms.
Part 3 - Weaving using our dyed fabric and other natural resources.

Final Forest School of Y3!

To celebrate our last afternoon in forest school as Aslan class, we have been busy preparing and enjoying chocolate bananas boats. A big thank you to Mr Butler for lighting a fire and cooking our gooey, chocolatey treats! 

Maths in the forest

We have been learning about 3D shapes in the forest. First we matched up descriptions of shapes using the terms 'vertices, faces and edges' to 3D shapes that had been hidden in the forest. Then we were set a challenge to make 3D shapes using sticks and modelling clay.

Maths in the forest

Week 4 -

Newspaper Report Talk Text

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Week 5 - A Guide to Year 3


Year 3 Aslans 2018-19


Wow Aslans, what a year! You have all worked your socks off and have achieved so much. A big thank you to your grown ups too for all their support. We hope you all have a fantastic summer and enjoy a well earned rest. We look forward to seeing you back in September and hearing all about what you've been cooking!


Love from,
Miss Morecroft, Mrs Leverton and Mrs Goff x