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Summer 2 - Time to fly...



The children have loved listening to the story of Supertato and re-telling the story in the role play area. One day, the Evil Pea came and trapped all the veggies. Supertato left a letter, asking for the children's help. So the children got to work and had great fun making traps, superhero masks and writing back to Supertato saying they would help. Next, they decided to make 'Wanted' posters to try and capture the Evil Pea for good. They had fun displaying them around school for the other children to spot. 

DT - Making a healthy fruit salad


We started off our DT by tasting lots of different fruits. After reading 'Goldilocks eat your greens', we started off thinking about which foods were healthy and which foods were unhealthy (even eaten too much).  During the fruit tasting, the children were able to say why they liked the fruit (or not) by describing the texture. We finishing off by having a vote to see which fruit was the most popular. 

DT - Practicing our slicing skills

History Van


We have had great fun learning all about the nursery rhyme 'Polly out the kettle on' and life before electricity. The children have had a go at housework, writing on a chalkboard, making a metal spoon with 'maker marks' and even making their own toy using a dolly peg. The children were really imaginitive when they had to think of what some old artefacts might be, but no-one guessed which one was the toilet! They also had a go at making a water wheel to power the movement of a basket just like the workshop workers would have done in the past.

Doubling and Halving


The children are able to automatically recall doubles up to 'Double 5' but they have also been challenging themselves to use the concrete resources to find doubles up to 'Double 10'.  Next, we learnt how to share out an amount equally between two people. They enjoyed playing the game 'fair share' as well as playing dominoes and sharing out the pieces first.  

Making our Fruit Salad 

We had made our fruit salad this week. Using all of our skills and knowledge from the last few weeks. After tasting the fruit, designing our fruit salad, writing shopping lists and practising chopping... the time came to make it! We worked hard to hold the fruit still with one hand and carefully use our knife with the other. We loved mixing our fruit salad and eating it. Well done Chameleons! 

Forest School

We have had a great week in the forest. We have loved exploring ways to make 5 using natural objects like sticks and leaves. We recreated 5 little speckled frogs and enjoyed jumping off the log into the pool. We had a good look around and spotted things that had changed from our visit in Spring and saw some signs of summer. We could see the fruit beginning to grow ready to be harvested in Autumn. The Chameleons enjoyed becoming true artists as we found our favourite spot, sat down and sketched the view we could see. All whilst identifying different types of trees. What a brilliant week in the forest! 

When I was a baby

This week, we have loved Sports Day and Transition Day. The Caterpillars have embraced these two unknowns with such an open mind, ready for the challenges ahead.

In the classroom, we have been busy talking about when we were little and how we have changed and grown. We have been talking about what we can do now that we couldn't do when we were small. We have been looking at pictures of when we were small and seeing if we could figure out who they were now! We have had a jigsaw of the staff going to be in Year 1 and seeing if we could put their faces back together.