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Summer Term 1

Week 1

The Gruffalos had a ball reading and acting out the story of "The Sneetches" by Dr Seuss. The book has a strong message about equality for all and we will continue to look at these themes throughout our topic of "People Who Have Positively Changed the World"

The Gruffalos were busy in maths today estimating and measuring if objects were shorter or longer than 1 metre. Please ask your child, "How many cms are in 1m?"

Here is a great BBC game linked to our topic on people who have changed the world for the better. Please ask your children about Ruby Bridges, Rosa Parks, Emmeline Pankhurst and Nelson Mandela.

Well done this week's award winners!

Week 2

This term we are practising hurdling, hockey and football skills. Furthermore, we have 20 heart pounding minutes with Amy from Dazel Dance. Well done Gruffalos for giving your all!

Here are some of the books we will read (or have already!) on the topic of "People who have positively changed the world". Please ask your child about them as they are all superb, powerful and fascinating.

This term we will be learning about inspirational people from all over the world. Please brush up your geography knowledge with the "Seven Continents Song!"

Well done this week's award winners!

Week 3


The Gruffalos all contributed to the painting of "Tennyson Ted" our children's hospital bear which we fundraised for. The bear will have its own garden soon and you will be able to have a good look for yourselves. Also thank you Miss Green for an amazing job painting our unique Walkley design.

This week we started learning how to play the glockenspiel with Miss Burge from the Sheffield Music Hub. Well done everyone for finding B, A and G to play "Hot cross buns!"

Well done this week's award winners!

We have almost finished a fantastic chapter book called "The Invention of Hugo Cabret". It is a story set in 1930s Paris and is about a boy who lives in a train station fixing its clocks, owns a mysterious "automaton" and has lots of secrets. Please ask your child about this wonderful story which is filled with super illustrations as well as thrilling descriptions.

Week 4

In PE this week we joined forces with the Stormwhales to have an awesome Dazzle Dance session!

In science this week we continued to water and care for our sunflowers and broad beans. The good news is that every pot has a stem and a leaf! Please have a look at the work we have done on seed dispersal too!

Happy Eid to all the Gruffalos! I hope those of you who are celebrating have had a great time with your family.

Well done this week's award winners!

Week 5

Here is what the Gruffalos have done so far on their art project "People who have positively changed the world." We have done a lot of research on these inspiring people and still need to produce art work on Ruby Bridges and Rosa Parks. Then we will be ready to present these to the United Nations as part our topic's imagined scenario.

Happy Eid everyone. The Gruffalos had a super afternoon where we had a special assembly, made decorations, looked great in our party clothes, learnt and shared knowledge about Islam and ate star cookies and buns!

It is week 3 of our hydroponics broad bean investigation. All the seeds have germinated and grown roots and stems. However, some now have black mold on their roots and are lacking the nutrients soil would provide. What will happen next week?

Lots of children have asked me to put these catchy songs on the blog so here they are!

The Planet Song

The Dwarf Planet Song

Congratualtions this week's award winners!

Week 6

This week we finally completed our "Monster Pet" stories. Please have a look at these final draft examples full of good punctuation, conjunctions and vivid descriptions!

In maths this week we have been imaginging that we are visiting a Gruffawhale second hand shop and picking up some bargains! The children did a great job of buying 2 items in one lesson and then the following day using their subtraction skills to find the change from 20p, 50p or 100p (£1).

This week we started to research, discuss and plan a Ruby Bridges diary write. Here are the Gruffalos doing a "conscience alley" activity to produce good talk for writing.

Please watch this video celebrating the intelligent, brave and forgiving Ruby Bridges

On November 14th, 1960, six-year-old Ruby Bridges stood up against racism to help integrate Louisiana's school system. Ruby's story of courage, faith and hop...

Congratulations to this week's award winners and thank you Mrs P for all your wonderful work! The Gruffalos wish you the best in your next school placement.