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Summer Term 1 - A minibeast adventure

 Week 6

Wow what a busy term we've had! One week to go and it's another busy one.

In PE on Monday we finally enjoyed some dancing without any rain. Then afterwards we practised some skills for cricket. We had to work in partners to roll the ball and stop it, before rolling it back. Then we practised a sideways stance for batting. We took turns to roll the ball and bat it back with our cricket bats. We also played a game of octopus and seaweed.




In maths, we have been taking a deeper look at subtraction. We 've been finding different methods for solving subtractions including jumping back on a number line and crossing out objects. We played a game called bus stop where we had to use our adding and subtracting skills to count people on and off the bus. Outside we played skittles and wrote our scores as a subtraction number sentence.

In topic, we read a new minibeast story - The King of Tiny Things. We talked about what he could do and then we made our own tiny things using pegs and materials.

Week 5

Another busy week in Seashells Class. We have been learning about subtraction in maths. We played a game called subtraction smash where we had to make balls of playdough, roll a dice and then smash the corresponding number of balls. We wrote the answer to the subtraction in the box.

We want to create a new display for our classroom to showcase the fabulous Bog Baby work. We are going to create some Bog Baby paintings and some bluebells to add to our fabulous writing from earlier in the term. We watched a video all about the colour wheel and then we explored mixing shades of blue, purple and green. We filled the paper with washes of colour, which later in the week we will cut out the shapes of our Bog Babies and bluebells from.

Week 4

This week started with more rain showers. We just about managed to fit in 3 dances with Amy before the rain came down. Hopefully next week the sun will be back. We had to cancel the rest of PE as it was too wet.

In maths, we are learning about adding stories. We have been using the words, first, then and now to tell stories with the toys and add them together. We read the story of Mr Gumpy's Outing and counted how many animals and people were in the boat on each page. We remembered to count on to make our adding quicker. Outside we playing an adding game. We took turns to roll the dice and count stones into our column on the grid. On the second roll we added the stones together to find the total and worked out how many more we needed to fill the grid. Some children even used their number bonds to 10 to work out how many more without having to count the empty boxes on the grid.


A missing Bog Baby!

Miss Hill sent us a video with some very tiny footprints that she's found on the way into school this morning. I wonder who they could belong to? Well, when we started our topic lesson there was a letter from Chrissy, the little girl in the story of The Bog Baby. She'd gone to check on him at Bluebell Wood but he was missing! Could the footprints belong to him?

We set about deciding how we could help. We decided we needed to put posters up to let people know what he looks like because many people have never seen a Bog Baby before. In order to get the best description possible, we took turns being a  police officer and an interviewee. The interviewee had to give as many details as they could to the Police officer who then drew a picture of the Bog Baby. They were only allowed to draw what they had been told about. The pictures were brilliant and some included lots of detail such as the tiny wings no bigger than daisy petals and the mouse like ears. Later on this week we are going to write the descriptions to put on our posters.

Tennyson Ted

Last Wednesday we joined in the painting of our special Bear ' Tennyson Ted' who is going to be part of the Children's Hospital Bear Trail, which will be going on in the city throughout the Summer. Mrs Green has been very busy painting the design carefully onto the bear but now it was time for us to add our fingerprints along with all the other children in our school. We were amazing at following the instructions and we added our fingerprints really carefully. Tennyson Ted will now be varnished ready for his journey to a secret destination in the city and we can go and find him when the trail opens.

Week 3

What a wet bank holiday Monday we had! We hope you still managed to enjoy it.

Tuesday was super busy with assembly, RWI, maths, topic and story. Not to mention lots of learning outside.

In Maths, we are learning about spatial reasoning this week. We talked about different shapes and matched pairs. We had to recognise when they were the same shape but in a different position. Then we had to copy a picture that the teacher made with carpet tiles. It was trickier than it looked. We've also been completing lots of jigsaws, thinking carefully about how the pieces fit together.



A bit of drama

In topic this week we have started reading a new story called 'The Bog Baby'. It's about two sisters who find a mysterious creature in Bluebell Wood. We got to a point in the story where the two children decide what to do with the Bog baby that they have found. We learned a new drama technique called 'conscience alley'. We stood in two lines opposite each other to create an alleyway. Then two children walked down the alley slowly and listened to two sides give their opinions about what they should do .... should they take the Bog baby home or leave him in the pond? The children had lots of good reasons and explanation for their answers. It was a super display of thinking. Well done everyone. We continued with the story to find out what the two characters decided to do.

Week 2

This week we had our first dance session with Amy from Dazzle dance. It was so much fun. The children were so excited to see Amy in real life rather than just on the screen. The skills and moves on display were fabulous. Well done everyone.

Minibeast creativity

The children have been using their creative skills this week to create 2D representations of minibeasts. We read the story of the very lazy ladybird and talked about some ladybird facts. Then we looked at some different examples of minibeast crafts and identified which materials had been used to make them and also how they had been put together. Then we used a range of materials to create our own minibeasts.

Week 1

Welcome back everyone. We hope you had a super Easter break.

We were greeted by a super surprise on the first day back ..our new bike track has finally been painted. We can't wait to get the bikes out and test it out.


The weather has been beautiful so far this week and we have been making the most of it in our yard. We planted sunflowers into trays and strawberry plants into hanging baskets. The children are brilliant at remembering to water the flowers in the troughs too.

Busy buzzy bees in PE

For our PE lesson this week, we became bees. We thought about how they move from flower to flower collecting pollen. We replicated this by moving around the yard stopping at cones and bending to reach them. We had to watch out for other bees. Next we thought about how bees collect the pollen and take it back to the beehive. We tried to visit all the different cones/flowers in the yard and collected pollen on our backs. Then we worked in groups to make a beehive by connecting our bodies together. Some groups linked arms, some put feet together and some did both. 

A minibeast adventure

Last term we went on a safari and jungle adventure. This term we are off on a minibeast adventure!

We started by playing a game of hidden minibeasts. We slowly revealed a picture of a minibeast and guessed what it could be. The children were very fast at working out the answers. After that, we discussed facts about each one. Then we drew pictures of our favourite minibeasts with a range of media including the paint programme on the big screen, chalk on the yard and crayons. We thought carefully about the features of each one and even wrote some words and sentences.