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Summer term 2

Week 7


We have made it to the end of the year and we are so proud of what the children in Anansi class have accomplished. It has not been an easy year and they have had so many changes but they have coped brilliantly and continued to amaze and inspire us. I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to join the Y1 team this spring. I have loved working with the team and of course the wonderful children. Thank you to all of the parents that have given so much and have provided incredible support throughout this tumultuous year. 


We wish them all the luck in the world for Year 2. We know that they will be fantastic and can't wait to hear about their achievements. I hope everyone has a wonderful, much needed summer holiday and we can't wait to see everyone in September! 


For our last week, we have been looking at one of my favourite books, 'I want my hat back' by Jon Klassen. 

The children read the story and then empathised with how the bear is feeling throughout the story, which leads him to his terrible decision...

The children were brilliant at getting into role and worked marvelously together to share ideas. It is amazing to see how far they have come! 

In maths, we used all of the maths skills that we have learned in Y1 to create and play our own maths board games. The Anansis challenged themselves and were very creative. It was wonderful to see their ideas and also how much progress they have made in turn taking and winning and losing gracefully, which is hard even for adults! Their kindness and support of each other is amazing to see!

We had our lsat PE session today and combined everything we had learned. The children worked together to arrange shapes, travels and balances into outstadning sequences. They worked amazingly well in teams and choreographed and rehearsed very professional gymnastics routines. Olympics 2024 here we come!

Anansi's Fantastic Gymnastics

Week 5


This week, we have been having lots of fun doing our Sports Day activities. In the morning, we had a :

  • straight sprint race
  • beanbag race
  • ball on tennis racquet race


In the afternoon, we had a carousel of activities :

  • throw, clap and catch the tennis ball
  • keepy uppies with a tennis ball
  • target throw with bean bags
  • speed bounce

As you can tell by the photos, the children had a great time.

Walkley News

The Anansi's have published their newspaper reports detailing the Great Fire of London.

See if you can find yours!


Week 4


We have been continuing our learning about materials in science and have been investigating different materials in our classroom. The children worked in groups to investigate different objects around the classroom and record their findings using the iPads. They were cooperative and very scientific!

This week in Anansi we have been learning all about using money, money, money! We have been shopping and getting used to different coins and notes. We have done lots of activities using coins and we are now experts at ordering and sorting coins, based on their value. 

Week 3


This week Anansi have been practicing counting backwards to help them in CLIC. Here's a song that we've been singing in class. Please practice at home if you feel like your child could use extra practice counting backwards (it's simple but effective). 

The Counting Down from 100 Song | Counting Songs | Scratch Garden

Count down all the way from 100 to 1 with this lively original song and video! Our 2ND CHANNEL is on Patreon! ►► ◄◄Whet...

We have been comparing numbers in maths and using mathematical language such as 'more than' or 'greater than' and 'less than'. This Numberblocks episode is a great resource for using and applying the language.


In class, we used base 10 and drew our own greedy monsters to eat the greatest number. 

Our fantastic gymnastics has continued with different ways to travel safely, at different levels. We thought about travelling high and low and gave instructions when working as part of a team. 

Week 2


The Anansi class had a brilliant start to the week with yet another Class Wide Reward party! Their behaviour and learning is just so fantastic that they fill out their class wide reward charts in no time at all! We decided to have a rainbow party to celebrate pride month and took part in lots of rainbow activities. We also listened and sang a song to celebrate love and unity. What a wonderful day it was!

Love is Love - LGBT+ Pride song for kids | Hopster

A fun LGBT+ inclusive kids' song which celebrates love, the colours of the rainbow, and the diversity of modern-day families & relationships.Music & lyrics b...

Our lovely week continued in forest school! We were all so super excited about being back in the forest. We started off by taking off our shoes and relaxing in the sunshine. Sometimes it's nice to feel the grass in between your toes!

We then played dinosaur hide and seek and den building. We made sure to write instructions so that if anyone else wanted to play our awesome game, they would know what to do. 

In maths this week we have been learning about place value and counting in groups of tens and ones. We used the natural materials in the forest school to make bundles to represent 10 and then used single sticks for the ones. We then put those two digits together to create an amount. The children were so confident making lots of different two-digit numbers!

In Science we have been learning about materials, and what better place than forest school to explore different textures! We used the theme of the popular books, That's not my...  to find different examples of materials and textures. The children were brilliant at using lots of examples of scientific vocabulary and we all had lots of fun. We never did find our snail...

Week 1


Anansi have had an amazing start to the new, and last, term in Year 1! We have started a new science topic of materials and got very exploratory with our science learning. The children learned lots of words to help them describe different materials and then worked together to scientifically sort out the materials. They discussed their ideas and worked cooperatively in our Y1 lab! 

In PE this term we are learning 'Fantastic Gymnastics!' 

We learned How to move our body safely and into different shapes and then we worked in groups to develop amazing routines!