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Summer term 2

Virtual Sports' Day

This year we have been lucky enough to be in school for sports' day. Although, this year we are staying in our bubbles. In the morning we still managed to have lots of different races. Classic fun through bean bag balance races, egg and spoon (using a tennis racket and ball) and foot race, was had by all. The children went home covered in stickers! In the afternoon it was time for the ball skills challenges. First we watched a video of Mr Murphy and his daughter modelling them for us. Our first game was the speed bounce. How many jumps across a line in 30 seconds?

Next challenge was target throw. How many points can you score in 1 minute?

Then we had Keepie Uppies.. How many in a row in 1 minute?

Last but not least was the Clap catch. How many of these can you do in 2 minutes?

London Landmarks - Design and Technology

We have looked at the rebuilding of London after the terrible fire. One of the facts we discovered was that a very important man in England at the time was Christopher Wren. He was responsible for rebuilding 52 churches as well as St. Paul's cathedral. We looked at famous landmarks that are in London now and discussed which ones we have visited.

We used our design and technology and art skills to reproduce these awesome sights.

Some children made the Museum of Natural history

Some children made The Shard

We decided that London buses were classic London landmarks.

Buckingham Palace was a popular choice with the Lego builders.

We thought that the way Tower bridge moved was awesome!

Big Ben was the most popular landmark!

Big Ben is right next door to the Houses of Parliament.

Of course we mustn't forget about the London Eye!

There's the Gherkin or the Pickle (as it's been renamed).

I didn't know about the Walkie Talkie building in London until this clever lad told us all about it!

Great Fire of London - Art

We have been looking at the various paintings that show us what it may of looked like during 'The Great Fire of London'. We discussed how some artists used paint and some used pastels. The children told me that the pastels were very effective as the colours of the fire blended into each other. We then looked at some fabulous famous artists that used pastels. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec  and Pablo Picasso  were our favourites.

After talking about the colours of fire going from light yellow, through orange and into dark red, Miss Mistry modelled how to blend the pastels with her fingers. The children needed to keep the lower section empty so we could build houses in a later design and technology lesson.

Design and Technology

Our next job was to build our houses at the bottom of the page. We used different coloured strips of felt to create the effect of houses burning and collapsing. The children all chose differing ways to show the houses. They made sure they were close together. Some made the roofs look like they were burning first, others just showed collapsed piles of timber. They did a fantastic job!