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Summer Term 2 - Dinosaurs

Week 7

Caterpillars, thank you! Thank you for being such a thoughtful, happy and caring class. You started in September, shy and nervous. You hadn't even been to visit the classroom! You have grown into confident, mature and friendly class, who welcome anyone in and show them the right thing to do. You should all be proud of yourselves this year and I know you are going to be fantastic Year 1s. I keep telling your new teachers how great you are. We will all miss you, but you're not going far! Just down the corridor. I will come and visit you in your new classroom soon. Thank you for being amazing. heart

From Miss Hill

Week 6

We have had a brilliant week together and have done lots of lovely things. 

We have learnt all about, Eric Carle, the author and illustrator of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We looked at the techniques he used to create his artwork and illustrations. After watching videos and looking carefully at different books he wrote, we decided to have a go! We thought it would be a lovely idea to leave a present for the new Caterpillars starting in September. 

We worked together to make the butterfly from our class book. We copied the techniques and brush strokes and then cut out the right shapes.

I have to say... the finished piece is stunning. I hope you can spot it through out classroom door. 

We had a fantastic Class Wide Reward party! We would have loved to go to the beach this year, so instead, we brought the beach to us! We had so much fun paddling, making kites, sunbathing, building sandcastles, playing with the beach balls and fishing. 

We even had our fish and chips outside to pretend we were on the beach. It was a gorgeous afternoon full of smiles, laughter and fun. 


You are fabulous heart


Miss Hill

Week 5

We have had such a good week! It has been very busy. We have done Sports Day, Transition Day and had lots of Euros fun. 


This week we have completed The Sockdown Olympics. We have taken part in 6 sock activities all about distance. For each activity we have decided which contestants sock has gone the furthest. The activities were; aim for the wash, backwards throwing, sock roll, washing machine throwing, bat that and long jump socks.

For Sports Day, we completed lots of tasks such as Speed Bounce, Target Throw, Clap Catch, Keepie Uppies and Quoits. 

We rotated round the stations to see how many we could score in 1 minute. We had a fabulous time... even if we did dodge MANY rain showers in between each round. 

It was really special to meet the Anansi staff this week. They are so fortunate to recieve such a fantastic class. We met them on Google Meet and they set us a task. They rang back a little bit later to see how we got on. We also heard the Anansi story and sang a spider song. 

Week 4

We have had a gorgeous week. It is all a bit surreal to think this year is speeding to an end. 

In Maths this week, we have been looking at coins. We compared the different coins and their colours, shapes and sizes. We sang a great song to help us learn the different values. 

We had our own great version of Euros 2020. We enjoyed lots of different training games, just like the footballers. Then it was time for the match! The score was 2-1 after some fantastic goal keeping. It was so much fun.

Thank you everyone for a brilliant week. 

Enjoy your weekend.


Miss Hill

Week 3

We have had a lovely week. I can't believe how quickly this term is going! In Maths this week, we have been looking at patterns AND odd and even numbers. It has been busy. With the Boomwhackers, we played different rhythms and listened to the pattern of pitch as well as the colour. 

We have been learning about Mary Anning. She was the first female palaeontologist and she was from Lyme Regis. We learnt about how she found fossils in rocks on the beach. We made our own fossils using salt dough and pressing dinosaurs and shells into the dough to leave behind the imprint.  

We just need to let them dry now!


We also had a fantastic pyjama party. We played lots of games and listened some bedtime stories. What a lovely way to celebrate all of our hard work.

Have a lovely weekend! 


Miss Hill

Week 2

This week we have been dinosaur crazy! We have had such fun exploring more about dinosaurs and learning facts about them. We had another letter from Nancy Roarsome! 

We had a great time following the instructions to make our own eggs. We came across lots of problem solving challenges along the way. From balloons popping in the heat, to the eggs collapsing when we painted them. We worked together and they look fantastic. A real team effort. 

We came in from lunch on Friday to find a basket of eggs. We discussed what we thought they could be. The only option was to find out what was inside. We took them outside and cracked our way in to find a dinosaur inside each one. We had learnt so many facts about dinosaurs we could tell straight away what we had found. 

Thank you for a great week of discovery. We are going to know so many dinosaur facts soon. 


Miss Hill

Week 1

We have had the most fabulous week in the forest! When we arrived on Thursday. We found a dinosaur egg and a letter from Nancy Roarsome. She asked us to make nests for the egg. We worked hard to make sure the nests could keep the egg safe. We made some fabulous nests. 

When we arrived the next day, there was a danger sign on the gate. We crept inside to find areas marked out, spades, sieves and a letter. Nancy had gives us a job to do. We carried out a dig and found 19 dinosaur bones! The Caterpillars worked as a team to find the bones and construct the dinosaur skeleton. 

We read 'Harry and the Dinosaurs go Wild' They dinosaurs were having an argument about which were big and which were small. We found lots of dinosaurs hidden in the forest and used our measuring skills to see how many bricks long they were. 

We saw a video of AR dinosaur in the forest. We were so excited to go up and see it! We worked hard to make little dens to hide in if he came back.

Caterpillars, it has been an absolute joy to go the the forest with you this year. I can't believe the next time you go, you will be Year 1's! Thank you for being amazing. 


Miss Hill