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The Explorer Class Story

The Explorer

Still image for this video

I will be reading a chapter of our class story, The Explorer, each day and posting it here on this page along with the illustrations and some ideas you could try at home. Enjoy!


Click here for more rainforest creative writing ideas over on the Aslan Literacy page.

Chapter 1 - Flight

What do you think happened to the old pilot?

Why do you think the girl was trying hard not to look out of the window?

Where was the plane travelling to?

Why not research this city to find out more about it?

Chapter 2 - The Green Dark

How would you describe Con's character?

Why not colour in the snake that Fred nearly stood on?

Chapter 3 - The Den

Who discovered the den? How do you think they felt?

Why didn't Con want to go inside the den? How do you think she felt?

Why not try building your own den at home? 

Chapter 4 - The River

Who found the second trail of ants to follow?

Why did Con tie one of the ruffles from her top to a tree branch?

Who hadn't learnt to swim?

Why not find out more about piranha? 

Chapter 5 - Food (Almost)

Chapter 6 - Fire

Chapter 7 - The Raft

You could make your own mini raft by collecting sticks either from your garden or while you're out getting your daily exercise. Test our your raft in a sink or at bath time!

Click here to watch a video that will help you make your own mini raft.

Chapter 8 - Maiden Voyage

Chapter 9 - Sardines

Chapter 10 - Abacaxi

Follow the video below to draw your own sloth just like Abacaxi in the story. Click here to upload a photo of your fantastic artwork.

Chapter 11 - The Monkeys and The Bees

You could try drawing your own map just like the one Fred and Con found in the red leather bag. Remember to show the Amazon river, the den and the place where they're keeping the raft safely tied up. Try staining your paper using a teabag to make it look old like the one in the story. 

Chapter 12 - Con

Chapter 13 - Smoke

Chapter 14 - On the River

Chapter 15 - At The Top Of The Cliff

Chapter 16 - The Ruined City

Think you've been listening carefully? Why not try the EXPLORER QUIZ! 

(This one is very easy but I will make a harder one if you like doing quizzes)


Well done Sammy and Ivy for having a go at the quiz already! 

Chapter 17 - The Explorer

Chapter 18 - The Trap

Chapter 19 - Tarantulas

Chapter 20 - Twice-Fried Oiseau Spectacle

Chapter 21 - Fishing in The Dark

Chapter 22 - The Vow

Chapter 23 - Explorer School

Chapter 24 - Stuck In The Mud

Chapter 25 - Max

Chapter 26 - Behind The Vines

How carefully have you been listening? Take on The Explorer Quiz 2 to see how much you have remembered!

Chapter 27 - The Green Sky

Chapter 28 - Waiting for Dawn

Chapter 29 - Flight Home

Chapter 30 - Another Kind of Exploring

Epilogue - Twelve Years Later



I hope you have enjoyed listening to our story. It is one of my favourite children's books! I would love to know what you think of it. Can you write a book review sharing your opinions? You could use the template below which is the same one we use in class (this can be printed by clicking on the link) or create your own!