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Thoughts and Feelings Boxes




At Walkley Primary School we encourage children to talk about their thoughts and feelings. Talking about our feelings can help make sense of experiences. Children are encouraged to talk to their teachers and Teaching Assistants in the classroom but we understand sometimes they like to share with someone else. 


Every classroom has a "Thoughts and Feelings" box. Children who have a thought or feeling they would like to share with the pastoral team can complete a slip. 

The child puts their name on the slip, ticks the box that best shows how they are feeling (using the Five Point Scale)  and can also let us know what subject they would like to talk about (if they would like to do so).

Once completed the child places the slip in the box and inform their teacher or TA that their slip is  there. The pastoral team are alerted and we go to speak to the child. 

The pastoral Team listen to whatever the child would like to talk about.

If we feel the child needs guidance and support we work in a solution focused where we help children talk and think through the issue and ways to think about it or move forward. 

We follow up in a range of ways which we agree with the child

We may:

  • speak to their class teacher 
  • speak to their parents
  • speak to other pupils in their class. 


After talking to the pupil we ask them to scale how they feel after the chat using the "Five Point Scale". This helps us to know if the conversation has been helpful.