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Week Beginning 11th January 2021



I think by now we all have a brilliant understanding of the inuit way of life! So let's do something different today. Today's focus is giving our opinion.


Grab your favourite book and have a go at writing a book review for it. Book reviews are useful as they let other people know what the book is like, and whether it is worth reading.


Try to include sections on:


Mild - title, main characters, how many stars out of 5?

Spicy - title, main characters, stars out of 5, your favourite part

Extra hot! - title, main characters, stars out of 5, your favourite part, a summary of the story/book


Here are some examples

Feel free to upload your book reviews here:


Friday Guided Reading



Here are some extra reading activities that may be useful for children on levels 1-4. Don't worry if you don't have a printer, you could just read them together and perhaps draw the new picture on a piece of paper.

Thanks for all the super diary entries! You have all clearly read the text carefully and understand what an inuit's day entails..!



Today we will look at similarities and differences between the inuit way of life and our way of life in Sheffield. Take a few minutes to read your text and see if you can pick out some similarities and differences.


Then please write down your ideas. You could present it in a venn diagram like the one below, or feel free to present it any way you like!

I have started this off... see if you can finish it

Mild - try to find at least three similarities and differences


Spicy - try to find at least four similarities and differences


Extra hot - try to find at least six similarities and differences




Discuss this question with your grown up and try to give three reasons to back up your answer.


'If you could swap places with an inuit child for a week, would you?'


I would because....


I wouldn't because....

Please upload any work here:


Thursday Guided Reading

Thanks for your fabulous word mats and glossaries!



Today we will be working on inference, which means looking for clues in the text to answer questions or better understand what we are reading. Please watch the following videos then have a go at your task.

Please upload any work here:


Guided Reading work

Y2 Inuit day 3

Using your text to help you:


Mild - draw pictures of three things an inuit child might do during the day, and write a sentence for each.


Spicy - continue this diary entry, written by an inuit child. Try to think of at least three more things he/she might do during the day. 


This morning I woke up at 7am and put on my long parka because it was a particularly cold day. Next I helped mum prepare breakfast in the kitchen. It was grilled salmon, my favourite, mmmm. After that I jumped on a snowmobile with my dad and went hunting with him. 


Extra hot  - write your own diary, from start to finish! Try to talk about how you felt, not just what you did. 


Some useful sentence openers:


This morning.....       Next.....     After that.....    Then.... A few hours later...... Later on...... Suddenly.....     Finally.......



Today we will focus on building vocabulary skills, specifically, looking at key topic words in the text. Please watch the following video then have a go at one of the tasks.

Y2: Inuit day 2

Mild: Please make a word mat to go with the text. Try to find six topic words that are specific to this text, copy the spellings correctly and draw a picture to go with each.


Spicy and extra hot: Please make a glossary to go with the text. Try to find 6 or more words, spell them correctly and write the definition for each. Why not include pictures too?


Can you make your work more eye catching than mine? Use some colour if you can to make it interesting!

Examples to start you off - remember mine are not finished!

Please upload photos of your work here:


Tuesday Guided Reading



This week we will be looking at a non-fiction text about Inuit people. Please watch the video below. Then please choose your preferred level and read the text, then answer the questions on the Google form.

Y2 Inuit people day 1



Extra Hot!