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Week Beginning 11th January 2021

Thanks for these photos of your brilliant Maths work from Thursday!

Friday 15th January


It's Friday and you know what that means..... That's right, it's time for your Big Maths Beat That and your CLIC. Find your Learn its from below, put on the music and get going!


Y2 learn it- 90 seconds

Big maths

Once you've done your learn its, have a go at your CLIC sheet on your Google form. I've also posted the sheets below. For CLIC 4, the idea is to answer the questions orally to an adult, so there is no Google form for this one.






Thanks for more of your fabulous Maths photos.... you have been hard at work!

Thursday the 14th of January 2021


Hello there! Today we will be looking closely at using the multiplication symbol. Please watch the following video then have a go at your tasks.

Y2 Multiplication

Have a go at filling this out on a piece of paper

Here are your Google forms for today:






Extra hot!


Please upload any photos of your work here:


Thursday Maths work

See if you can have a go at these challenges:

Wednesday the 13th of January 2021


Today we will look at adding equal groups. Please watch the videos, have a go at the tasks below then fill out your Google form.

Y2 Maths: Add equal groups

Y2 Maths: Add equal groups 2

Grab a paper and pen/pencil. Then have a go at drawing groups of objects to match the number sentences.

Well done on your fabulous equal groups task! Please keep sharing all your wonderful work and lovely smiles.

Tuesday the 12th of January 2021


Hi there! Today we are looking again at equal groups, this time focusing closely on the language and on making equal groups. Please watch the video below, then have a go at the tasks.

Y2 Maths: making equal groups

Please have a go at making the following equal groups out of items in your house:


- 4 groups of 3

- 2 groups of 10

- 4 fives

- 3 x 6

- 10 x 3


Now please have a go at your Google form:






Extra hot!

Monday the 11th of January 2021

Hello lovely year 2s. Today we are looking at recognising equal groups. Please have a look at these 2 videos which explain our learning for today. Then choose a google form to try.  The most challenging is Flaming Hot, then Spicy and finally Mild. Also you could group different items equally in your home and write down the number sentences that they represent. We would love to see a photo. Best of luck mathematicians!

Mr m equal groups part 1

Mr m equal groups part 2

Photos of my attempt to find items in my home to group equally. Can you have a go and send us your results?

Downloadable and printable activities

Please practise your 2 times tables with this song!

Keep fit and exercise to this 5 times table song!