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Week Beginning 11th January 2021



Here is a music lesson from Sheffield Music Hub. The children should recognise one of the teachers, Heather, who delivered Music to us remotely last term.

Musical Moments 2.0 - Episode 1, Pitch featuring Heather

Singing Team Keystage 1 Week 1

Once you have completed the singing lesson click here to answer some short questions

More fantastic octopuses! Well done!

Well done for making these Science posters which break down the 5 basic needs for animals and humans to survive


Hello Year 2's. Our Science topic this half term is going to be animals including humans. We will be looking at being safe, being healthy, exercise, life cycles and much more. Today we are learning about our basic needs. You will be designing and creating a poster showing all our basic needs. I cant wait to see your ideas and designs. Attached is a google form for you to upload your amazing work. Have fun!

Y2 Science: basic needs

Wow, I'm loving these incredible octopuses! What a talented bunch you are!

Wednesday 13th January 2021




See if you can tell your grown up all the oceans and continents of the world. Sing these songs to jog your memory:


Five oceans song


Seven continents song


See if you can research and answer these questions with your grown up:


Pick a continent. (See the map below).


What is the population (number of people) of this continent?

What wild animals live on this continent?

Which animals are endangered?

What traditional food do people eat?

How many countries make up this continent?


Can you find a fascinating fact about this continent?


Feel free to share your answers on this Google form:


Geography questions

Wow! What fantastic poster designs filled with eye-catching visuals and clever slogans. A huge thanks to you and your adults for all the responses on google forms.

Tuesday 12th January 2021


Let's get started with a bit of movement like we sometimes do after lunch! Have a go at this Level 2 Blue Planet Supermovers activity. 



Now grab a pencil/pen and paper and watch this video to find out how to draw an octopus! Can you tell your grown up some octopus facts? What can you remember from your learning last term?


Learn how to draw an octopus


Here are some incredible octopus videos to spark your memory:


Octopus escaping jar

Octopus attacks shark


Please upload any pictures of your work here:


Upload work

Monday the 11th of January 2020

Today I will read to you a fantastic book called "Clean UP!"

Clean Up! story

Task: Please make an eye-catching poster explaining to people about plastic pollution and what we can do to help.

Please use some of these words in your poster

Examples of plastic pollutuion posters you could use for inspiration

Please watch this newsround clip of someone being very creative on how to clean up and recycle plastic from the ocean.

Here is a bbc news clip of the huge amount of plastic found in the Caribbean. This area includes the island of Jamaica where "Clean Up" is set.