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Week beginning 11th January 2021

Y1 CLIC week 1

Amazing maths work Year 1! I love seeing how you have chosen your own way to record your thinking in tens frames to help you solve the questions. Try using a different way next time!

Year 1 maths intro-counting on 11/1/21

Year 1 video Spring1 Add by counting on

Tuesday Lesson 2 Counting on

Year 1 Spring1 week 1 lesson 2 Add ones using number bonds

Wednesday Lesson 3 Making Number bonds

Warm up- check you know your number bonds to 10 off by heart-Making Ten (Number Bonds to 10 Song) - Mr. Chris

A catchy, fun song to help children learn their number bonds to 10. It has a Numicon video so the children can see the numbers making the bonds. Available ...

Y1 maths lesson 3 number bonds to help add

Y1 Maths lesson 3- Find and make number bonds ppt

Thursday lesson 4

Practise your counting in 2s-The Counting by Twos Song | Counting Songs | Scratch Garden

Go up into space as you count up by twos with a dog and a song on a crazy rocket cruise! The Counting by Twos song teaches skip counting by 2. If you are lea...

Year 1 week 1 lesson 4 Add by making 10 activity 1

Friday Big Maths CLIC and Learn Its challenges!

Before the Big Maths challenge practise counting backwards from 20, can you do it on your own after and write it?

Practice counting down from 20 to 1 with our latest song and video! Our 2ND CHANNEL is on Patreon! ►► ◄◄Whether you are...

This week's CLIC challenges. Choose the one for you or start with CLIC 4 and move on if easy. CLIC 5 is the expected level for Year 1 in this term.

Learn Its for this week. Choose the one you have at school or start with Learn it 4. Expected level for Year 1 now is Learn Its 5-don't forget to use the 60 seconds timer and stop in time!

60 second music timer for Big Maths Learn Its!

This week's and last week's maths homework, print off and complete or discuss at home.