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Week beginning 11th January 2021

Check you are sitting correctly, back of the chair on your back, two feet on the floor, holding your work with one hand. Hold your sharpened pencil between your index finger and thumb with your middle finger to support. Colour and trace the warm up pages very carefully to practise pencil control.

RWI handwriting rhymes to help you with all of your letters! Print off or copy and practise!

Y1 Handwriting Monday January 11th

Amazing handwriting Year 1, well done everyone! I love seeing all your work and how careful you were with writing on the line and practising your pencil control with super neat colouring!

Spellings homework for week 1 January 2021 (maths homework is located on the maths page at the bottom of the week's activities)

Y1 spelling homework activities

Activities to choose from to practise your spellings (usually stuck inside your homework book, in case you don't have it)

3 levels of spellings attached, choose the amount you usually have or challenge yourself to do more!

Handwriting lesson 2

Y1 handwriting lesson 2

Week 2 spellings for this week (as last week was week 1)

Y1 spellings lesson 2

Great letter formation year 1! I love that you all remembered to sit the letters on the lines neatly and used brackets and a cross when you realised you had made a mistake! Try writing them in words too next time.