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Week Beginning 11th January 2021

Our Guided Reading text this week is an extract from chapter 5 of Varjak Paw - we have read this together in class. It is the part of the story where the Elder Paw fights the Gentleman's black cats and Varjak, after a struggle, makes it to the top of the wall and...Outside! There is a video of Mr. Gamage reading the whole of chapter 5 and a task for each day this week.

Don't forget to share your work using the Google Form. If you have any questions, please get in touch using the enquiries@walkley email address.

Year 5 Guided Reading wc 11thJan2021

Varjak Paw Friday 15th January 2021

Who doesn't love a good homophone task?! Some were straightforward, others a little trickier. I love the imaginative sentences you have created!

Varjak Paw Thursday 14th January 2021

A scene description with a picture prompt, putting yourself in Varjak's shoes (or paws?) Thinking about the amazing contrast between life in the confines of the Contessa's house and garden, compared to Outside...

Varjak Paw Wednesday 13th January 2021

Great inference from you today - reading beyond the text and thinking more deeply about what is being said, not just the literal words that are being used. A great skill to develop!

Varjak Paw Tuesday 12th January 2021

Getting to grips with writing in the first person from the perspective of Varjak. Sometimes a little tricky to identify which 'he' the text was referring to, wasn't it? Great work all round - thanks for sharing!

Varjak Paw Monday 11th January 2021

Thank you for sharing your work - it's good to see that you have begun to engage with the Varjak Paw story.