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Week Beginning 18th January 2021

Thanks for the book reviews! I can see lots of you have a real love for reading.


Monday the 18th of January 2021 (Please scroll down to see the next day's learning)

Day 1: Pre teach lesson


Hello everyone. This week we will be looking at an information text on superheroes! Please talk about or write a list of superheroes that you know. What special powers do they have? What colour of costumes do they wear? Do they have a secret identity? How did they become a superhero?

These pictures and video clips will help you discuss and think about superheroes before we start reading

Official Theme Song | PJ Masks | Disney Junior

Superman intro

Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends TV Show Intro

Mr Malcolm's favourite cartoon when he was 6!

Please draw and label the Hulk! What words could you use to describe this superhero?

Now please watch me introducing the text and key words. Further below are the Mild, Spicy and Flaming Hot texts. Please read through them afterwards and use your fastest finger to find the words discussed on this clip.

Year 2 Pre Teach Guided Reading 18.1.21

Mild text for this week

Spicy text for this week with key vocabulary to look at

Flaming hot text!

Today's google form!

Great work. I really like some of the adjectives used such as muscular and fearless


Tuesday the 19th of January 2020


Hello all! Today we are going to use our retrieval skills by making tricky quizes about our text! Please look at the video below to learn how! Furthermore, to see individual feedback on the google forms please refresh later on at 6pm to see my replies. 

Y2: Comic Guided Reading Day 2 Retrieval

Please use different W questions for your quiz and remember to use a question mark (?)

Great Quizes coming in already! Try and challenge yourself by using "why" questions in your quiz


Wednesday the 20th of January 2021


Hello everyone! Today we are going to discuss and use the vocabulary in the text to design our own superhero! Please watch the video to know more and look below for an example and the google form.

Y2 Guided Reading Superheroes day 3: 20.1.21

Awesome superhero profiles Y2!


Thursday the 21st of January 2021


In today's guided reading we will be looking at the skill of deduction where you use the information in the text to help you explain the reason for something. We will be looking at "Why" and "How" questions where the answer will include the word "because". Please watch the clip to know more!

Y2 Deduction Reading 21.1.21

Now please choose the Mild, Spicy or Flaming Hot Superhero text from Monday's blog entry on a separate tab (ask your adult!) or download them. Then open the correct google form so you can keep refering to the text while answering deduction questions. Good luck reading detectives!

Extra activity! Please make your own superhero word search. Here is an example you can get words and ideas from



Friday the 22nd of January 2021


Hi all on this fantastic Friday. Today I need you to use your inference skills when reading the text to make your own comic strip! Please look at this week's reading text and watch the video below to see what to do.

Y2 Make your own comic! 22.1.21

Examples of comic panels to help you draw and write your strip! Also here are the mixed up pictures from the lesson clip. Can you put them in order?

Thank you for the wonderful and thrilling comics!