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Week Beginning 18th January 2021

In DT, we are catching up with what the Home Learners did last week. The children were challenged with a free - standing structure out of marshmallows and spaghetti. Before the building stage, the pupils had to sketch various designs and choose one for the build. It was interesting seeing the children evaluate as they went along and think their way through various problems.
In Science, we have been looking at the Life Cycle of a frog and identifying the different stages in a frogs development. Finally, we acted out the Life Cycle of a frog!

Y5 Science - Acting out the life cycle of a frog

Friday 22nd January 2021

We have been tasked by Welcome to Sheffield to help them to promote Sheffield to international visitors arriving at Heathrow Airport in London! They want us to design a poster that can be displayed to passengers in the international arrivals halls which celebrates Sheffield and showcases some of the things they could do if they came to visit.

Watch Mr. Gamage's video, have a look at the resources and have a go at drafting your poster (we are not looking for the finished item yet).

Please share your draft designs using the Google Form.

Year 5 Creative Curriculum Selling Sheffield

Look at all the children and that enigmatic teacher Mr Rist doing an intense workout to Joe Wickes!

Thursday 21st January 2021

Here's the link to this week's singing/music session brought to us by the highly enthusiastic and talented team at Sheffield Music Hub. Please complete their Google Form, as well as ours!

Singing Team KeyStage 2 Week 2

Please complete this Quiz once your video has finished!

It's time to introduce our Science unit for this half term - 'Do All Plants and Animals Start Life As An Egg?' Hopefully, we're going to find out over the next few weeks!

We're going to begin by investigating the life-cycles of different kinds of animals and plants. Your first task is to think about a group of animals called amphibians - do you already know what animals this might include?

There are two videos to watch - firstly Mr. Gamage, introducing the topic and secondly one about a type of amphibian.

After the videos there will be a task for you to do and some supporting resources.

Year 5 Life Cycles intro

Amphibians | Educational Video for Kids

▶ SUBSCRIBE HAPPY LEARNING! Videos and songs for Kids. Today we're going to learn about amphibians!Hello everybody! ...

Thanks for sending in your frog lifecycle diagrams - there's some lovely clear work here. Well done!


We are practicing our tennis skills this week. Can you practice these drills at home?

If you have not got a tennis racket, can you use a household object like a frying pan.

Watch the videos and read the text below.

Beginner Drill | Tennis

In this video you will learn a drill for the beginners.Discover some other interesting drills in the tennis program.

The Frying Pan

If your player is a complete beginner and just getting started with tennis, it can be extremely beneficial to start with the basics, such as hand-eye coordination. Most players who’ve been playing for some time take it for granted; however, hand-eye coordination is a key fundamental and critical to any player’s success.

The dribble, while a simple drill, can help your player develop their hand-eye coordination, while at the same time helping them become familiar with the feel of their tennis racquet and developing a sense of touch when contacting the tennis ball.

To start, have your player hold their racquet in their dominant hand face-up, like a frying pan, and have them place a tennis ball on the face, or strings of their racquet. Then, have them slowly start moving the head of the racquet up and down until the ball begins bouncing on their strings. Once it starts bouncing, have them keep it bouncing for as long as possible.

Some players will find this drop-dead simple, especially those who have developed great hand-eye coordination through other sports. Seeing how your student performs at this drill will help you identify their basic level of skill.

If they struggle at first, don’t let them get discouraged. Confidence is key for new players, so encourage them to keep trying and assure them that if they practice frequently, they’ll have it down in no time.

Once they get comfortable with the drill, you can have them begin twisting the racquet 180 degrees in their hand between bounces to help further develop their skill.

The Dribble

This next drill is simply an upside-down version of the frying pan. Again, have your player hold their racquet in their dominant hand and a tennis ball in their opposite hand.

Next, have them drop the ball in front of themselves and hit it with their racquet toward the ground. The ball should move toward the ground and then bounce back up so that they can continue hitting until they get a nice consistent dribble going.

Depending on the type of tennis racquet your player is using, it might be helpful for them to choke up a bit on the handle to make the drill a bit less harsh on their wrist and forearm.

Encourage your player to move around as the ball moves to make sure they can keep the dribble going. Have them keep it going as long as they can and count how many seconds they last to make a game out of it.

If you’re looking to change the level of difficulty, you can have them start at a slow dribble, increase the speed of the dribble, and then slowly decrease back to a slow dribble.

Anyone for tennis. Look at our tennis superstars practicing the frying pan drill!


Following on from last weeks lesson, I have put a link to another cartoon workshop video. This one focuses on cartoon people. I'm sure you will really enjoy it!

Cartoon Workshop Lesson 3: Drawing in the 3/4

Click on link here


Click on the video below to practice the numbers 1- 10

Next, look at the pdf to see how the these numbers are written in French

Also, take a look at the French work that IB has sent me - Ooh la la!

Year 5 French numbers 1- 10

Click on link here


Click on the link below for PE with Joe

PE With Joe Monday, Wednesday, Friday