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Week Beginning 18th January 2021


Monday the 18th of January 2021 (Please scroll down to see the next day's learning)



Here is a link to a fantastic website which teaches coding in very easy, fun, small steps. Give it a go, follow the course and tutorials and let us know how you are getting on! Later on this week, I will set an ocean clean up coding activity so learn and practise these coding skills in preparation.


Mild: Please start at level 4 (the link below) and get to level 7 (Bee Keeping)

Spicy: Please start at level 4 (the link below) and get to level 13 (Maze loops)

Flaming Hot: Please start at level 4 (the link below) and get to level 16 (Play lab)

Learn to Code at Home

Looking for something to do while the kids are at home? Try one of the many excellent options on learning at Stay in t...

Well done coders. I see some future game designers here!

Tuesday the 19th of January 2021

Hello lovely Y2s. Today we are doing some Geography. I challenge you to design your own island map filled with physical features (like rivers, beaches and mountains) and man-made features (hospital, school or a religious building). I would like you to also add a key to explain the symbols on your map and a compass. Please watch the video to see what you need to do.

Y2 Geography: Design your own island map! 19.1.21

Here are some examples to inspire you! Remember to include a key, labels and a compass

Well done for including a key and a compass geographers! I see some very interesting physical and man made features on these islands!


Wednesday the 20th of January 2021



This week in Science we will be looking at animals and their young. Please have a look at these pictures and key vocabulary. Then please watch the lesson video. Afterwards, we would like you to draw pictures of different animals and their offspring (young) with the correct vocabulary. Finally please answer the questions on the google form and upload your work.

Y2 Science: Animals and their young 20.1.21

Please draw and label these different groups. Are they mammals, reptiles, birds, fish amphibians (can live on land and water)?

Please have a go at this great bbc bitesize Science game for Key Stage 1 called Galaxy Pugs. Go to the animals and humans level and try to get to Silver level to answer questions on animals and their young.

Great pictures and vocabulary used. Also super screen shots of Galaxy Pugs!


Thursday the 21st of January 2021


Today I would like you to use the coding skills you learnt earlier on this week to "train" an artifical intelligence (A.I) machine to clean the oceans of plastic. This is a complex task as you need to teach the machine to recognise plastic and other pollution as well as identify different ocean creatures. Best of luck Land Ahoy! team

Here is the link. Good luck!:

This is how I got on! If you complete the task you can get a fancy personalised certificate too. Please send me screen shots on the google form below.

Well done to everyone who finished the "Ocean Clean Up" A.I coding course.



Friday the 22nd of January 2021


Today we have an action packed double bill of Dazzle Dance with Amy and Music from the Sheffied Music Hub. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

PE Dance lesson by Amy from Dazzle Dance!!

Hi everyone! You can now Dazzle Dance at home with Amy! Here there are three dances to join in with and one to learn. Have fun!

Singing Team Key Stage 1 Week 2

Please complete this Google Form Quiz after the video has finished!