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Week Beginning 1st February 2021

Some amazing Science work from LW, LR, EF, IM and NB!

Friday 5th February 2021

Let's get your hearts going this morning!

PE With Joe 2021 | Friday 5th Feb

Thursday 4th February 2021

Thursday afternoon is Music afternoon - please enjoy taking part with our friends at the Sheffield Music Hub!

If you make a video, please upload it for us to see via the Google form, below.

Learning at Home Week 4 - KS2

This is your Learning at Home session for KS2. To access your grid to create your own arrangement of the match songs please click here -



I think you might like this one! As you know, this half - term we have looking at the art of Pete Mckee. I have enjoyed looking at all the amazing artwork you have sent into me. It seems as if you have enjoyed copying his cartoon style.

Here are a few examples of his cartoon style!

I think you'll agree that he has a very unique style. Have you noticed how straight the eyes are? 




Draw members of the Walkley staff in the style of Pete Mckee!


What you need to do?


  • Look at the images below - choose some to draw in a cartoon style
  • Draw in pencil only or use pencil crayons/ felt tips for colouring in after
  • Write the name of the member of staff on your work. 


Good luck!

Click on link here
Wow! Look at this spectacular drawing from WH, LR, LW, IM, CM, WM,NB ,EF and HP. Have you seen Mrs Sian - I think you have really captured the profile of the face. Mr Wallis looks the business and Mr Rist looks so cool! ( even if I do say so myself!) I love the drawings of Miss Green and Mrs Goldsmith looks fantastic.Well done for sticking to the Pete Mckee style ! Although, if you want to do your own style, that's fine as well!

Unleash your inner Joe!

Wednesday 3rd February 2021

This week's Science task is to think about the life cycle of a bird, following on from insects and amphibians. The pictures I've used are of the majestic Golden Eagle (not something you're likely to see in the sky over Sheffield, but there are some in Scotland and over in mainland Europe). I look forward to seeing your work. If you'd like to add a paragraph about any birds that you know about (maybe you have hens or a budgie?), then please feel free to include this.

Tuesday 2nd February 2021

It's time to finalise our designs for our "Come to Sheffield" posters. By the end of this session, you will have a final draft that will be turned into the finished article. This is your last opportunity to try out ideas and arrange how you want your poster to look! Can't wait to see your ideas.

The children at a school are a week behind the Home Learners in their French lessons. We have built up to learning the numbers 1 - 20 to saying them in a rhythm. Miss Green is playing the xylophone in the background in a very accomplished fashion.

Y5 Counting to 20 in French with musical accompaniment

PE With Joe 2021 | Monday 1st Feb

Monday , February 1st




Let's start the week with some French conversation with Monsieur Rist. Please follow the video and complete the tasks!

Magnifique! Tres bien HM and CH

Y5/6 French: Applying knowledge of numbers to answering Mathematics questions

Click on the link here
Ooh la la! Tres bien IB. Merci beaucoup! It is always great to get some French work - it means that it was worth wearing the silly hat.
Let's make some shapes with Dazzling Amy!

KS2 Dazzle Dance 28.1.21

Here is some more Dazzle Dance. Let's see what you can remember from last week and learn the High Hopes dance! Enjoy!

PE drills

Keep doing these daily tennis drills! Remember, you do not need a tennis racquet. Watch the video again if you need to.

Y5 Daily PE drills