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Week beginning 1st March 2021

This week I will be reading the book 'Flat Stanley' every day and setting tasks based around 5 key reading skills: inference, prediction, retrieval, sequencing and vocabulary. Here are the reading dogs to remind you what these are!

Monday 1st March 2021


LO: Use my inference skills to work out a character's feelings

Y2: Flat Stanley 1

Mild - please draw a picture of Stanley and write adjectives around the outside to describe how he might have felt. Please write at least 5 adjectives.


Spicy - please draw a picture of Stanley then describe how you think he, his Mum and Dad and Arthur felt, using full sentences. Feel free to use the sentence frames below.


Flaming Hot - please write a diary entry describing what has happened to Stanley and explaining how he felt. You could either finish my diary entry below or write your own.

Please see examples of the tasks below. I haven't finished them as I want you to use your own ideas!

Great ideas Y2!

Tuesday 2nd March 2021


LO: To retrieve information


Y2: Flat Stanley 2

Now please have a go at making your own Stanley cut-out, using paper or cardboard. Please act out chapter 2 using your own Stanley. We would love to see some photos or videos of his adventures!


CHALLENGE - Act out the whole story to this point, and show what might happen next, using your Stanley. 

My Flat Stanley

Check out these fabulous Flat Stanley movies made by IS and DK!

Wednesday 3rd March 2021


LO: understand how vocabulary is used in the text


Y2: Flat Stanley 3

CHALLENGE: read through the text and write down as many adjectives as you can find!

Well done to CD for having a go at the adjective challenge

Thursday 4th March 2021


Today we are working on prediction. Like predicting Pip, we will be trying to work out what might happen in the story in the future. Please watch this video to hear the next chapter and to find out more.

Y2 Flat Stanley 4

Tasks for today


Please predict what might happen in the final chapter, using your knowledge of Flat Stanley to help you. 


Please choose from the following tasks:


Mild: Act out the final chapter, using your own homemade Flat Stanley (or act it out with members of your family!)


Spicy: Draw pictures of what might happen and write sentences underneath.


Flaming hot: Write the whole of the next chapter!


Please take photos of whatever you get up to and attach them to this Google Form! 

Happy World Book Day! Thanks AW for this picture with the cute Peter Rabbit!

Super predictions Y2!

Y2 Flat Stanley EA

Y2 Flat Stanley - FS

Friday 5th March 2021


LO: Summarise the story


Y2 Flat Stanley 5

Please watch to find out about your tasks

Mild -  Please make a story map by drawing the main events.


Spicy - Please make a story map by drawing the main events and write a sentence underneath each one.


Flaming hot! - Please write a book review and include a summary of the story, but don't give away the ending!

Feel free to use one of these templates or make your own

Super summarising!