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Week beginning 1st March 2021 - There's a Rang-tan in My Bedroom - Fact Files 🦧

Here are the fabulous published recounts from last week's Literacy work. Thank you so much for taking the time to turn your amazing writing into a video and for sending them in for everyone to enjoy!

Please click here to upload your Literacy work this week.

Monday 1st March

LO: To be able to retell a non-chronological report

I can remember to:

- practise retelling using actions

- create a text map to follow

- speak clearly when performing

Please click here to complete the quiz and give feedback.

Tuesday 2nd March

Learning Objective: To research information about orangutans

I can remember to:

Find the answer to questions in the text and/or on a website

Write notes for each question

Group similar facts together


Here are some websites you can use if you'd like to do more research. 

A short BBC Earth clip of orangutans feeding in the trees in Indonesia

Orangutans and their young feast among the fig trees in the Sumatran forest, safely out of the reach of the Samatran tigers that patrol the forest floor. Ama...

Click here to take a quiz and/or give feedback to the lesson today.  Apologies about the issue with the quiz yesterday - this link should now be working.

Look at this whizzy work from today - amazing! Your research booklet is very detailed.

Wednesday 3rd March

Learning Objective: To plan ideas for writing my own Orangutan Fact File

I can remember to:
Use ideas from my research notes 

Use ideas from the example text to help me structure my notes

Practise what I'm going to write by saying it in full sentences 

Practise using different sentence openers 

Here's some vocabulary that you may want to use in your planning today

Thursday 4th March

Learning Objective: To draft and edit my Orangutan Fact File

I can remember to:

Include a title showing what the fact file is about

For example: 'All About Orangutans' 'Orangutan Fact File'

Write a short introduction

Briefly explain what your report is about

Include technical words

For example: habitat, solitary, endangered, male

Use sub-headings to organise my writing

For example: 'Diet' or 'What do Orangutans Eat?'

Use different openers to vary my sentences

For example: Interestingly; An important fact; In addition

Use a question for the reader

For example: Did you know? Would you believe?

Friday 5th March

Learning Objective: To publish my Orangutan Fact File

Today we are going to publish our fact files.  Watch the video to see one way of presenting the information in the form of a leaflet.  You could also publish them on a page as the example in the photo below. 


Once you have published your fact file, remembering to use your neatest handwriting, you could have a go at reading the information out loud to an audience. You could do this to someone in your household, on a video call or you could record yourself.  Please send in your completed factfiles using the link at the top of this page or by clicking here - we'd love to see them.


Orangutan has a special message for Aslans today - watch the video to find out more!

Y3 Publishing Fact Files (and a message from Orangutan)

How To Draw An Orangutan

Follow these steps to include an orangutan drawing in your fact file!

How To Draw A Tree

You may want to include a drawing of a tree in your fact file to show the habitat.