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Week beginning 1st March 2021

PE with Joe


Get your heart beating faster for the final time with our exercise guru Mr Joe Wickes!

*FINAL* PE With Joe 2021 | Friday 5th March

Friday 5th March 2021

Ever wondered what a flower is for, and what's inside? Well, you're about to find out!

Insects and pollination | Biology - Science of the Harvest

This clip explores pollen and the reproductive processes of plants, how we can see this process in action, the importance of insect pollinators, and how the ...

Thursday, March 4th 

Let's get our bodies moving with our very enthusiastic friends from the Music hub.

KS2 Week 7 - Home Learning

Complete this short quiz so we can see how are are getting on! 8

Get ready to Dazzle and Shine with Amy Dazzle Dance!

KS2 Dazzle Dance 3.3.21

Try some Zumba, Cheerleading and learn a Street dance.

Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Art appreciation...

Before you move onto the French, I need to apologise for not including the link to upload the art work yesterday. I have inserted a link at the bottom of the page. PLEASE UPLOAD YOUR WORK - I would love to see it!

Tuesday, March 2nd


Bonjour mes enfants fantastique! Today, we will be learning about greetings and developing a simple conversation. Please watch the video for the conversational part to the lesson.

Y5 French greetings

Please join in with Monsieur rat as he sings the Je m'appelle song below.

French Song "Je m'appelle"

Complete the greetings task below. Only use the greetings we have covered in the lesson to fill in the cartoon strips. Good luck and please send me your work!
Click on link for fun French quiz

PE with Joe


Let's get physical with Mr Wickes and feel your heart racing, palms sweating  and muscles aching!

PE With Joe 2021 | Monday 1st March

Monday, March 1st



Today we will be learning about pointillism in art!  Have you heard of it before? Hint: think about the first part of the word.

Watch the video below up to 2:32.

There are some techniques needed with this type of art.  The video below shows two different kinds.


Please don't worry  if you don't have some equipment at home.  You do not need to do paint.  If you are struggling to find some felt tips (markers), you can always use some coloured pencils and draw little dots with them.  Or for you clever computer whizzy workers, you could perhaps make one with an app. 

Pointillism Techniques

Today's task


Create a piece of artwork in the pointillism style .  You can draw/create whichever you like as long as it's in this style.   For those of you that may need some inspiration, the video below shows how to do a flower with pointillism techniques. 


Have fun and be creative!

Learn to Draw in the Style of Pointillism

On this Arts and Crafts segment of Brain Food Yasmeen teaches us about a really cool style of drawing and painting called pointillism. She shows us how to ge...

Click on link to upload work here