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Week beginning 1st March 2021 - Healthy Eating 🥗

This week we will be learning all about Healthy Eating.  This is linked to our learning in science last week and also the lesson this Thursday.
Please click here to share your work from Guided Reading this week.

Tuesday 2nd March


Y3 Guided Reading Healthy Eating 1

Wednesday 3rd March

We should now be familiar with the information text about Healthy Eating. Today we’re going to look at key words in the text
and explain what these words mean.  We must make sure that we find how the word is used in the text as sometimes the same word has two or more different meanings.  When this is the case, only by looking at how the word is used in a sentence or paragraph can we find out what the word means which is why it’s so important to read around words.

Learning Objective: To explain the meaning of words in context

I can remember to:

  • Skim and scan to find the key word in the text
  • Read around the word to understand the meaning
  • Explain clearly the meaning of the word



You may like to use this online dictionary to help you with your task today. Online dictionary: click here.

Super whizzy word meaning work today Aslans - well done!

Thursday 4th March

Today we're going to use our skills to look back at the text to find the answers to questions.  Just as you would do in class, make sure you read the question carefully and then refer back to the text to find the answer.  Please make sure you write a clear answer to each question.


Learning Objective:  To retrieve information from a text

I can remember to:

Read each question and decide what information I'm looking for

Skim and scan for key words to find the information needed

Write a clear answer to the question


Here are your questions. You can chose your level or you can work your way through them all!

Friday 5th March

Today’s task is to identify the main ideas from this week’s text and requires you to get creative!  You have three choices for how to present your ideas: in a food pyramid, a poster or as a paragraph for a magazine. Watch the video to find out more. All the tasks are in the document below the video.

Y3 Guided Reading Activity 4