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Week beginning 22nd February 2021 - Rainforest Wildlife 🦥

This week, we will be reading all about Rainforest Wildlife.

Tuesday 23rd February

You can upload a video or a voice recording of your fabulous reading by clicking HERE
Fantastic reading! I'm very jealous of all your rainforest animals! 

Such expressive reading - well done whizzy worker!


Wednesday 24th February


Activity 1


Hello lovely Aslans. Today, I would like you to complete the activities below to show your understanding of the key vocabulary from this week's text. Remember to read through the text before you start. You can always watch yesterday's video again and read along with me. 

You can upload a photo of your whizzy work by clicking HERE.

Thursday 25th February


Activity 2


Good afternoon Aslans!

For today's activity, I would like you to have a go at answering the questions below. Read each question carefully then skim and scan to find information from the text to help you answer them. Many of the questions ask 'Why do you think....?'.

For some of these questions, there are ideas suggested in the text but others are asking you to think of your own ideas - there are lots of different great answers for these so please don't worry about getting the 'right' answer. 

You can upload a photo of your answers by clicking HERE


Fantastic responses Y3s!

Friday 26th February


Activity 3 


For our final activity this week, we will need to combine our retrieval and summarising skills in order to create a poster all about rainforest wildlife. You could draw your fact file by hand, type your information on the computer or even get your rainforest teddies involved! There are several drawing tutorials below which you may want to watch and follow to help you add some artwork to your posters. 


This is very similar to the activity we completed when we were reading all about Mary Anning - here is a fantastic and very creative piece of work which might give you some inspiration for today's activity!

You can upload a photo of your creative posters by clicking HEREI can't wait to see them!

Just for fun!

Follow the videos below to learn how to draw different rainforest animals. You can share your drawings HERE.