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Week beginning 22nd February 2021

Welcome Back

Hi everyone.

I hope you've had a great half term break and are all ready for some more fantastic learning this half term. I'm sure you will be!


It's a Kind of Magic!


This week its your turn to have some fun with your grown ups and show them some true magic


If you can try this on your own first and then show your grown ups after.

All you will need is:


  •  A clear glass
  • A coin
  • A jug of water 


They are allowed to help you get your things together!


Now watch this video. Have a go a few times and then show your grown up.

Disappearing Coin Trick

Fun science trick. Make a coin disappear! More details here:

What happened?????


Now lets do some thinking

What did you see happen?

Why do you think this happened?

Does this happen with other objects? Try putting other objects under the glass. Maybe draw a picture and put it under the glass. Does the same thing happen?

Does it happen if you try different liquids?


You are amazing!