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Week beginning 25th January 2021

(Don't feel you have to watch all of the videos/songs/CLIC at once, feel free to pick and choose what suits your child and come back to them as needed.) :)

Play race to the moon to practise your addition and subtraction skills this week!

Y1 CLIC 25 Jan

Monday 25th January

Making Ten (Number Bonds to 10 Song) - Mr. Chris

A catchy, fun song to help children learn their number bonds to 10. It has a Numicon video so the children can see the numbers making the bonds. Available ...

Monday 25th January-Subtraction crossing 10 part 2

Y1 Spr1 4 2 Subtraction crossing 10 part 2

Tuesday 26th January

The Counting by Hundreds Song | Counting Songs | Scratch Garden

Learn to count by one hundreds with Scratch Garden's fun Counting by Hundreds Song! This Skip Counting by 100s video is great for learning to count in the c...

Y1 Tuesday 26.1 maths Subtracting crossing ten part 3

Wednesday 27th January

Big Numbers Song | Count to 100 Song | The Singing Walrus

Watch all of our videos ad free with our app (desktop, apple, or android): $4.99 USD per month and $44.99 USD for a year!...

Y1 Wed maths Spr1 Related facts final

Thursday 28th January

Counting By Tens Song

The Counting By Tens Song by Have Fun Teaching is a counting song that teaches kids how to count by 10's all the way to 100. Free Teaching Resources: https:/...

Y1 Thursday 28.1 maths-comparing number sentences

Friday 29th January

60 Seconds for completing the Learn Its, no cheating!! (CLIC does not have a time limit, remember it is your independent work, not your grown ups!)

90 seconds timer for Learn Its 7

This week's CLIC tests, Year 1 are currently expected at CLIC 5, if you get 10/10 on your own try the next level next week.

This week's Learn Its, expected current year 1 level is 5, if you get them all right on your own in the time limit, try the next ones next week.