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Week Beginning 25th January 2021

Friday, January 29th 2021


Daily PE session


Click on the video below and try and practice these drills every single day over lockdown!

Y5 Daily PE drills

Friday 29th January 2021

In our Science today, we are going to continue exploring life-cycles, with a look at that of an insect. How is it the same as, or different to that of an amphibian?

Take a look at the video, and then have a go at drawing your own life-cycle diagram.

Egg to Monarch Butterfly

The development of a Monarch Butterfly, from egg to winged adult.

Thursday 28th January 2021

It's time to catch up with our friends at Sheffield Music Hub for some more music learning!

Key Stage 2 Week 3

Please complete this quiz after your video has finished!

Take a look at some of our class acting out The Life Cycle of a Frog. I put on it on the blog last Friday evening but realised I should have put it on this weeks!

Y5 Science - Acting out the life cycle of a frog

Wednesday, January 26th




Last week, you looked at 4 figure grid references with Mr Gamage. This week we are moving onto 6 figure grid references.

Please watch the video! It will clearly take you through the steps.


Hokey dokey, now have a go at the tasks below. Good luck and please send in your work.
Incredible work from OH and CH! Thank you so much for sending your work in! You have clearly understood how to give a 4 and 6 figure grid reference!

How to use six figure grid references (UPDATED)

The video demonstrates the step by step instructions to using and giving six figure grid references, when using OS maps.If you are not confident with grid re...

Click on link here

Tuesday 26th January

What can you remember about frogs and tadpoles? Try the quiz to show us what you know!


Click on the link below to access PE with Joe for this week.

PE With Joe 2021 | Monday 25th Jan

Monday, January 25th

I hope you enjoyed sketching the cartoon people last week. I know we had a lot of fun with it in school.

Here is a link to the next Episode of Pete Mckee's cartoon workshop, which is all about drawing aliens and monsters! I hope you don't have nightmares!

Cartoon Workshop Lesson 8 - Aliens & Monsters

Look at these aliens and monsters! Crikey, I might have nightmares. Super work from OH, CH and GF!
Click on link here
Anyone fancy a boogie! Let's get all that stress out of our system and make some shapes with Amy from Dazzle Dance!

KS2 Dazzle Dance 20.1.21

Hi everyone! You can now Dazzle Dance at home with Amy! Here there are two dances to copy and one dance to learn. Have fun!


This week, we are recapping the numbers 1 - 10 and then practicing numbers 11 -20.

As usual, the video is the conversation part. Please practice the conversation - it is the only way to learn a language!

After the conversational part, there is a written task for you to do!

Year 5 French Numbers 1 - 20

Now, that you have finished the conversation part, I need to record the numbers from 1- 20 like I have set out below. If you want to, you could represent each number with a picture! 

As an extension, just like you do for Clic, why not speed say or speed write the numbers 


1. un ( er) - one

2. deux ( der) - two

Click on link here