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Week Beginning 25th January 2021


Monday the 25th of January 2021


Today in our Land Ahoy! topic we are sailing to the area of Polynesia where beautiful islands such as Hawaii, Tonga and Tahiti are. This is where the story of Moana is set. Let's hear the story while we do some yoga!

Moana adventure 🌊🌸

Here are some pictures of the area of Polynesia. Wouldn't it be amazing to visit this place in our world? Can you spot the statue of Maui?

Great flexibility on display!


Now for some art. Please follow the steps below to draw a picture of Moana or a squid or both!

How to Draw Moana | Disney Princess

Follow along to learn how to draw this Disney Polynesian Princess step by step

How To Draw A Funny Cartoon Squid


Tuesday 26th January 2021


Hi Y2s. You did such a great job with the Ocean Clean Up coding challenge last week that I needed to set you another. This time please click on the link below to do the Play Lab Coding activity. Be creative and make your own fun story where you choose the setting, make characters move and talk to each other!

Great stuff Y2s! Fine algorithm building skills seen in these screen shots

For those of you who feel really confident with your coding skills, here is a challenge...A Star Wars code course!:


Wednesday the 27th of January 2021



Please watch the video then have a go at one of the tasks below.

Y2 Science: Growing and Changing

Mild - Please draw and label the different life stages of a human.

Spicy - Please draw and label the different life stages of a human, then write a sentence to explain what happens at each life stage.

Flaming hot! - Please draw and label the different life stages of a human, then write down  three changes that happen during each life stage.

Congratulations to Blake for earning a Green Blue Peter Badge. What a super achievement.

To learn how to earn a Green Blue Peter badge, have a look on this link;

Thursday the 28th January 2021



Key Stage 1 Week 3

Musical Moments 2.0 Episode 3 - Dynamics featuring the Woodwind Team

Thursday the 28th January 2021



Take your pick from under the sea yoga, dancing with Amy or both! Watch this space for Amy's dance video, it is not yet ready on Youtube but I will upload it as soon as it is!




Saturday Morning Yoga | Under the sea 🐙

Saturday Morning Yoga will take you under the sea! Meet Squish the Fish, join Jaime in Deep Sea Brain Breaker and try your yoga skills during Super Yoga. Nam...