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Week Beginning 25th January 2021 - Chichen Itza 🔎

          Exploring Chichén Itzà        

Tuesday 26th January 2020

Hello lovely Aslans and welcome to our guided reading for this week.

Now that we've read the text and explored some of the key vocabulary, you can have another read through by yourself.  The text can be viewed or printed by clicking on the link below, or you can click on the images if you're reading from the screen.  Start to think about what is special about Chichén Itzà. Why do you think is has been named at one of the seven wonders of the modern world? What makes it an interesting place to visit?


1. Choose your favourite section (or you might like to do the whole text) and practise reading this aloud.

Once you're feeling confident, imagine you’re reading it as a presenter of a TV programme about Chichén Itzà! You could click here and watch the first minute of this programme to get some ideas on presenting. 

2: Do some further research about Chichén Itzà  by looking at the brilliant resource on the link below. You could write down your favourite facts from the website. 

You could record a short video of your reading - we'd love to see you!

Upload your video here.

A very clear and confident reading of our guided reading text this week.

Some favourite facts read by this Whizzy Worker - well done!

Fabulous reading! I love that you've included some Spanish too! 

Wednesday 27th January 

Learning Objective:  To retrieve information from a text

I can remember to:

Read each question and decide what information I'm looking for

Skim and scan for key words to find the information needed

Write a clear answer to the question

Now we are familiar with the information text about Chichen Itza.  Today we're going to use our skills to look back at the text to find the answers to questions.  Just as you would do in class, make sure you read the question carefully and then refer back to the text to find the answer.  Please make sure your write a clear answer to each question.
Upload your work here.
A cenote is another word for a sinkhole which is a hole in the ground.

Thursday 27th January 

Learning Objective: To explain the meaning of words in context

I can remember to:

  • Skim and scan to find the key word in the text
  • Read around the word to understand the meaning
  • Explain clearly the meaning of the word


Today we’re going to look at key words in the text and explain what these words mean.  We must make sure that we find how the word is used in the text as sometimes the same word has two or more different meanings.  When this is the case, only by looking at how the word is used in a sentence or paragraph can we find out what the word means which is why it’s so important to read around words.


We did this together in the video on Tuesday so you may like to watch that again to remind yourself what to do.  You don’t need to watch the whole video – you can watch from 3 minutes 15 seconds as this is when we look at the meaning of key words.


You may like to use this online dictionary to help you with your task today. Online dictionary: click here.

You can upload a photo or video of your whizzy work by clicking HERE.
You've shown an excellent understand of the words in context today Aslans. Well done!

Friday 29th January 

If you would like to give some feedback on your guided reading this week, please click here. You do not need a google account to complete this.

Learning Objective: To identify the main ideas from a text and present these in a poster

I can remember to:

  • Skim and scan for key information
  • Include what Chichen Itza is and where is located
  • Give reasons why Chichen Itza is a special place to visit


Your task today is to create a poster to inform tourists about why they should visit the ancient city of Chichen Itza.  You can refer to the text to find key information to use in your poster. You can also use any facts you have found out if you’ve done some extra research this week. 


You can either use one of the frames by clicking on the images or the file below or, if you’re feeling creative, you can create your own!

If you'd like an extra challenge, there is an additional text in the files below where you can find out some more information to use in your poster.

Y3 Guided Reading Task 3