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Week Beginning 25th January 2021

Monday 25th January

Hello Amazing Aslans! We’re starting an exciting  new writing unit called ‘Journey to the Jungle’.  We will be joining Ed the Explorer on his journey to a magical jungle. 


This week, we’re going to be writing some jungle-inspired poems.  In the following weeks we will be writing a jungle diary and also some instructions on how to photograph a rare jungle creature!


Today we’re going to be introduced to Ed the Explorer. Can you think how he might go on magical journeys into the jungle? Watch the video below the learning objective to find out!


Learning Objective:  To find meaning in a text

I can remember to:
draw a picture to show the meaning of a key word
match words that have similar meanings (synonyms)
answer questions by referring to the text
challenge: write new sentences using the key words


Here's the video for this week. You can pause it at 11 minutes 45 seconds and complete tasks 1 and 2. You can then either do task 3 independently or watch the video and we can do it together.  Enjoy!


Here is the text we read together in the video above

Here is the comprehension quiz. You can either do this by yourself or together with me in the video.

You can upload a photo of your whizzy work by clicking HERE.
Thank you for sharing all your fabulous work! Please make sure you submit using the link on this page.
Tuesday 26th January 2020

LO: To be able to story map a list poem (10 things in an explorer’s rucksack)

 I can remember to:

  • Listen to and reread the poem carefully
  • Think of actions to represent each line of the poem
  • Use simple illustrations to represent each line of the poem

Please watch the video first.  After watching the video, your task is to read the poem aloud using actions (either the ones I use or some of your own).  Then you can draw your own poem map using pictures to represent the words in the poem.  

There's an extra line in Ed's poem that I've not included in the actions and map. Can you spot which one it is? See if you can come up with your own actions and images for this!

Y3 Journey to the Jungle Lesson 2 Poem Map

You can draw your poem map onto a piece of plain paper or, if it helps, you can use this frame.
You can upload a photo or video of your whizzy work by clicking HERE.