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Week Beginning 8th February 2021

Friday 12th February 2021

It's Friday - it's Science Day! Continuing the theme of life cycles, and 'Do All Plants and Animals Begin Life as an Egg?', we're going to investigate the life cycle of mammals. Have a look at the video that tells you about some of the amazing variety of animals that are mammals, then have a go at drawing a life cycle diagram.

Mammals for kids - Vertebrate animals - Natural Science For Kids

Video for children to discover mammals. These viviparous vertebrates breathe through their lungs and are warm-blooded. In addition, most mammals have their b...

It's time to make some shapes with Dazzle Dance Amy. This week, the theme is Chinese New Year!

Dazzle Dance Chinese New Year Dancing

Learn about the Chinese New Year! Make a fan and a ribbon and dance with them! You will need some paper or card and cellotape. Enjoy, and Happy New Year!


Thursday, February 11th


Time for our music with our friends form the Music Hub.

Song of the Week - Week 3

Please complete the Google Form Quiz after you have watched the video!

Merci beaucoup WM, CH and OH. Keep on practicing your French. Learning another language is such a useful skill to have!

Wednesday, February 10th


Bonjour mes enfants,

Yes, it;s another French lesson. Please watch the video for the conversational part of the lesson. When you have mastered the vocabulary, complete the tasks below. Au revoir!  PLEASE HAVE A GO AT THE QUIZ!

Y5 French months of the year

French Months Of The Year Song (Remix) - Les Mois de l'Année - Los Meses del Año en Frances - the Months of the Year in French with a Song Apprenez les mois de l'année avec une ChansonAprende los meses del ano en frances ...

Click on link here to complete quiz

Tuesday 9th February 2021

Today's Creative Curriculum task focuses on estimating distances on a map, using a 'roamer' scale to measure between two points.

The instructions and map are attached below. Hopefully, you'll recognise many of the places!

Well done for using your knowledge that 1km = 1000m!

PE With Joe 2021 | Monday 8th Feb

Feel the burn!

A great effort from LR. You have really mastered the skill of foreshortening! I feel quite dizzy, looking at it! Well done OH, you have clearly followed the instructions and produced a lovely piece of art. HP, I cannot believe the level of detail in your drawing,especially the eyes! Great work from CH - you are an expert at foreshortening. Also, I love how carefully you have coloured it in.

Monday, February 8th




As we have completed the Pete Mckee art work, we are going  to focus on something different this week.


Today we are learning about foreshortening!


Foreshortening is when something looks like it is coming towards you because of a change in size. 


For today's task, you will need:

  • large blank paper (A3 or put 2 A4s together!) 
  • pencil 
  • rubber
  • coloured pencils, crayons or felt tips
  • your shoes!

First, use a pencil! 

The steps are attached! 

Have fun!! I can't wait to see your art! 

Click on link here to upload your work
Hi Varjak's! I have some incredible news for you. Miss  Greene has told me how obsessed you have become about the soft red ball. Well, it was missing for quite  a while. However, NB came to the rescue. She drew a map of the ball's location and after several days of careful navigation Miss Greene managed to track it down! I am sure Mr Gamage will be delighted  and be able to sleep easily now!
Please carry on with these PE drills until you have mastered them . I will add some more later on in the week.

Y5 Daily PE drills