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Week Beginning 8th February 2021

Hello Super Spelling Aslans!

Have a look at your word list for this week and use a dictionary to look up the meaning of any unknown words. If you have a dictionary at home you can use that or you could use this online dictionary (wordsymth).


Try to spend 10 minutes a day using the activities to learn your spelling and then ask someone in your household to test you on Friday. You don't need to print the activities out -  you can look at them on a screen and use paper or a pad to complete the tasks. 

We are continuing to look at prefixes in our spellings. Can you remember what a prefix is? It's a group of letters that are added on at the start of a word and changes its meaning.  See here for more information. This week we are learning about the prefix 'dis'.  This changes the word to have a negative meaning.


Butterflies Spelling Focus

Adding -ing to a word ending in -y with a consonant.

Please use this google form to upload your spelling work for this week.

Look at all this whizzy spelling work! We're so proud of you Aslans. What super spellers you are!