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Week Beginning 8th February 2021

Thank you for all your fantastic Chapter 2 writes on Friday. To look at them in more detail, please go back to last week's blog!

Monday 8th February 2021


LO: To write the third part of my story


Y2 writing Monday

Great stories so far Y2. Please keep posting them to us! *More added!*

Tuesday 9th February 2021


LO: To write the fourth part of my story


Y2 Literacy Tuesday

Wednesday 10th February 2021


LO: To write the fifth part of my story

Y2 Literacy part five

Thursday 11th February 2021


LO: To edit my story

Y2 Literacy tortoise editing

Thanks for the well edited work... keep them coming!

**This short video shows you how to access teacher feedback on Google Forms**

Friday 12th February 2021


LO: To write my final draft

Y2 final draft and SPaG



If you'd like to have a go at the SPaG lesson:


Mild - Please come up with two commands for the hare

Spicy - Please come up with three commands and one question for the hare

Flaming hot - Please come up with four commands and two questions for the hare!


Good openers for commands:


You must..... Don't forget to..... Always.... Make sure....


Good question openers:


Who.....  What...  Where....  Why...  When...   How...

Enjoy this story read by Mr Ball-Jones!

Thanks for these amazing final drafts, you have worked so hard!