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Y5 - Skywalkers

Dear lovely Skywalkers children,

Miss Edge and I would like to say just how much we're going to miss you over the coming weeks, as together we experience something that is new to us all.

However, even though most of us won't see each other, we're still here for you. There are activities available for you on the Lockdown Learning Log, and other things will appear each school day on our class Homework section of the blog - look under the 'Home Learning' area.

If you really get stuck with an activity, then please ask your adult to contact us via the school email address; We are still here to help!

If you read a really good book, send an email to tell us about it - we can let the other Skywalkers know about it. Draw a picture or write a poem and send us a photograph of it. If you're able to, go out, get some fresh air and discover something new about your neighbourhood. If you find out something exciting, share it with us.

Try to stay in touch with the news - there will be some things you hear or see that might be a worry (talk to someone you trust, if you are worried), but there will also be something good out there!

Keep in touch with your friends and family on line or by phone if you're unable to see them face to face. Wave to a neighbour. Smile.

As Mrs. Sian said on Friday - be the Golden Citizen in your household. Be patient, helpful and supportive. Be kind.

Take care, Skywalkers - we'll see you soon.

Love from Miss. Edge and Mr. Gamage.