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Approaches to Reading

Exploring Quality Storybooks


At Walkley we believe that your child’s love for reading and writing will unlock the gateway to their successful future. Therefore, we are committed to delivering the very best provision and opportunities for quality reading and writing.

We assess and monitor the progress in reading of all Walkley pupils because it is our intention that all Walkley children will be confident, fluent readers who choose to read books for enjoyment, increasing personal knowledge and enhancing learning.

In order to get the most out of books we must support our children in developing ‘Word Recognition Processes’ and ‘Language Comprehension Processes’ creating confidently literate learners ready for a life of enrichment and knowledge.



Walkley Recommended Reads

Quality Storybooks should be shared regularly. Here are a range of questions to talk about with your child, plus, a list of fantastic storybooks that we have carefully selected for you to share in your home. If you want to borrow any of these books, speak to your child’s class teacher or visit your local library. We’re very happy to help.

Questions for exploring storybooks