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Autumn 1

Week 8

Congratulations to our latest golden book award winners! You are super stars and we are so proud of you!

Yet another fantastic week in the Anansi class! Once again I have been blown away by the amazing attitude to learning of the Anansi class! They have been enthusiastic and collaborative this week and have produced amazing pieces of work!


In DT, we looked at Harvest festival again and discussed the significance to the Christian religion. We also looked at how some foods are harvested. We then made our own harvest baskets using a weaving technique and filled it with ass much fruit as we could harvest!


Anansi Harvest Festival DT

Take a peak into the very busy Anansi classroom to see the children hard at work

In Science we have been looking at animals diets and sorting animals depending on whether they are carnivores, herbivores or omnivores. We opened animal cafes and invited a whole host of animals along. The children were great at working in teams and showed great scientific knowledge!

In maths this week we have started looking at addition and used addition machines to add amounts. I have included a video of how to make your own addition machines. Maybe you could give it a try in the holidays!

Learn How to Add with This Fun DIY Game!

This is a super-easy way to teach addition. Just make a homemade early math game with large dice, recyclables, and pom poms! If you want a really fun way to ...

Week 7


Congratulations to our latest golden book award winners! You are super stars and we are so proud of you!

This week the Anansi's have been super busy already and it's only Tuesday! I have been so impressed by their amazing attitude to learning. 


On Monday we created a pop up piece of art to illustrate how animals use camouflage to blend in. We practiced drawing, cutting, folding and sticking skills to produce amazing pieces of animal art!

To further celebrate the harvest festival we looked at how bread is shaped to represent the harvesting of wheat and made our own amazing bread creations out of plastercine. Thank you to all that donated. We will be continuing to learn more about harvest festival and other festivals over the next few weeks. 

We have started a new unit in maths after a brilliant start with understanding number. We will now be looking at addition and subtraction and started the unit by understanding parts of a whole amount. The children used objects to show whole amounts broken into different parts. This episode of numberblocks has a great explanation of parts and wholes and can be found by clicking on the link here

Using an iPad to produce images

Forest School: Maths and Fishing (!)

Week 6:


A short week this week filled with number tracks and number lines, forest schools and iPads.  We learnt how to draw Anansi using a free iPad app called Doodlebuddy!

Forest School September 2021

Week 5

Congratulations to our latest golden book award winners! You are super stars and we are so proud of you!

In science this week we have continued our learning about animals and worked collaboratively to sort animals into the correct group. We looked at their features and discussed what characteristics fit to which group. Amazing ideas and teamwork were flowing around the classroom!

In maths, we have been learning to use maths symbols for greater than >, less than < and equal to  =

We have compared objects and numbers and used our crocodile arms to eat up the greater amount. 


This episode of number blocks is a fantastic revision of greater than and less than. Click here to watch. You could make your own Blockzilla at home!