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Autumn 1

The Chayas and Charlies had the opportunity to create drama sequences in the orchard. They were given cards showing the different elements of the Buddhist Eightfold Path and had to act out scenarios showing people making poor choices and then show how they could make better choices, according to Buddhist teachings.

The Life of Buddha (Religion) -

This video recaps the life of the Buddha.

In Forest School, the Charlies and Chayas drew artwork inspired by the life of the Buddha.


We had a very exciting science lesson this week! We were looking at the different processes that water can go through. We did a number of investigations which looked at melting ice and the evaporation and condensation of water.  

In English we are thinking about character descriptions and how important they can be to the reader. We spent time annotating a good example of a character description, looking for all the main features. We identified the introduction, adjectives, similies, rhetorical questions, description of appearance and personality and the conclusion. 

In Science we are learning about states of matter. This week we investigated if gas has a weight. We did an experiment using a selection of fizzy drinks. We weighed the drinks before and after shaking and releasing the gas from the bottle. 

In RE, we have begun to explore Buddhism. In today's lesson, we considered whether money makes us happy. The children thought about what they would do if they received a large amount of money and then they shared and categorised their responses. Within table groups, the Chayas discussed what would be the best way to use the money and presented their ideas as a "diamond nine".