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Autumn 1

Week 1


Welcome to the Hodgeheg's blog. Miss Edge and I have been so impressed with the children's manners, work ethic and wonderful ideas. It's been very hot but it hasn't stopped the class doing lots of activities!

In maths this week, we have been focusing on place value skills. The children wowed us with their understanding of number and using numicon and base ten to find different combinations to make 10,20 and 50!

This term in RE, we will try to answer the question, "Can we be kind all of the time?" through the Christian teachings of Jesus. The children impressed us so much with how they spoke and listened to each other. We also made a conscience alley where we gave advice to puppets who had either been unkind or were upset.

The Y2s were excellent in PE. This term, we are learning about the fundamentals of athletics such as running and jumping. The children really focused on running on their toes, using their arms for running and taking long strides. Well done to all!

Each member of the class has been given a picture book to take home to read with their adult. Please spend time enjoying the story, looking at the pictures, doing funny voices for characters and chatting about the book. Next week, each child will receive a levelled reading book too.

Week 2

This term we will make a sculpture and a "room" inspired by the installation artist Yayoi Kusama. This week we looked at this great artist's life and how she uses polka dots and pumpkins in her work. The children have been asked to bring in a shoe box (please don't worry if you do not have one as we have some!) to build their diorama. Please look below at some examples of this extraordinary artist's work.

Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors | Arts | NPR

To help immerse ourselves in writing a "missing poster" for Max the hedgehog, we went on the lookout for these lovely, spiky animals. It didn't take long for us to stumble on one hiding under some leaves in the playground. We carefully approached this shy creature and described what it looked like and imagined why it was in the school grounds. Later in the week, we started to plan our missing poster and we will hopefully complete our first edited draft next week.

In RE this week, we have started to investigate the question "Can we be kind to others all of the time?" This term we are studying Christianity so we looked at how Jesus's teachings in the bible have taught kindness to Christians. The story we focused on was the "Good Samaritain" where we learnt about the belief of "loving thy neighbour" and thinking about what "neighbour" means in the story. Here are the Hodgehegs sequencing the story, retelling it and discussing its meaning.

The Christian Stories of The Good Samaritan and The Lost Sheep | Religions of the World

Week 3

In maths today we identified tens and ones. Here are the hedgehogs doing a great job with the base tens.

In PE today we focused on target skills. The children impressed us with their over and under arm throws plus their excellent aim!

In computing, the children edited a piece of text by changing the text size, style of font and the colour of the text. Some children even added images!

In science, the children have been looking at different habitats and living things. Here are the Hodgehegs working in groups to match the correct animals with their natural habitats.

In music we played the glockenspiel to the South African song "Hands, feet, heart". The children impressed us with playing in time and using the G, A and C keys.

In maths we were looking at flexible partitioning. Here are the Hodgehegs working in pairs to find different ways to partition numbers like 34, 52 and 71.

In art we learnt about how to handle clay and playdough. We made it into balls, snakes, pinched, pulled and made patterns with tools. Next week we will design our sculpture inspired by Yayoi Kusama

Clay Hedgehog/Playdoh Hedge hog Tutorial/Playdough Hedgehog

Week 4

The Y2s ventured into the Forest School this week to learn about maps, use grid references and handle a compass. Well done to all for your positivity and energy!

In computing, the class used the app "Keynote" to type out their missing poster writing. They used the space bar, return key and knew how to use capital letters.

The Y2s were lucky to have some of the English diving team from Ponds Forge come and show us some movements to help our balance and flexibility. We were also all invited to come and visit the UK's best diving facility at Ponds Forge swimming pool in the centre of Sheffield!

In RE we put together puppets and performed the Christian story of, "The Paralysed Man." We then talked about times when we found it hard to be kind to someone.

In PE, we were focusing on our jumping and throwing skills. We worked on bending our knees and having a soft landing. Well done Hedgehogs.

In forest school we listened to a story and read to one another. Well done for bringing in your reading records!

The Hodgehegs did their democratic duty and voted for the Y6 school council members. Well done all for being so sensible and chosing wisely.

Week 5

The class are now planning to write a recount on the book, "Oliver and the Seawiggs!" Here they are discussing, summarising and sequencing the first 3 chapters.

In PE this week, we continued our "Target skills" topic by focusing on golf putting skills. Well done to all for having a good stance, keeping their eye on the ball and making sure their follow through is correct!

The hodgehegs have been continuing their word processing project by changing the font size, colour and using italics. We are using the app Keynote and have enjoyed selecting different backgrounds

Here are the Y2s mastering number by using the rekenreks to find all the combinations to make 6. Great job all and very good sharing too!

The children have made their Yayoi Kasuma inspired sculptures. Next week, we will make the "rooms" which will house these super sculptures.

Week 6

Count by Fives Song / 5 Times Table Song

In Maths the Y2s have been counting in 2s, 5s and 3s

The Counting by Threes Song | Counting Songs | Scratch Garden

Count by 2s Song

To immerse ourselves in the story, "Oliver and the Seawigs" the children acted out and did freeze frames of key moments in the first 3 chapters. Well done all for great acting skills and this will help us lots when we write a recount of the story later on this week!

In PE this week we have continued our target skills with hitting a moving target and using basketballs and dodgeballs.

In computing we learnt how to add images to our typed out work and also added colour to the text.

In Science, the children braved the weather and entered forest school to look for and categorise living things.

In PE on a Friday, we continued to focus on the fundamentals. This time it was looking at how to skip, hop and jump. Here are the Hodgehegs using the ropes, hurdling, dodging and jumping!

Week 7

The Hodgehegs had a brilliant final Target PE lesson where we consolidated key throwing and accurancy skills. The children putted, threw and rolled balls at different targets at different ranges.

The Y2s were very lucky to have Mr Graham, who is studying to be a vicar, come and visit us and answer our questions on kindness and the bible's stories on being kind. The children were excellent hosts and our guest was very impressed with our thoughtful questions. Well done all!

Well done Y2s for your amazing Yayoi Kusama inspired sculptures and room. Great carving, pulling and designing skills were on display!

Well done to the Hodgehegs for their final fundamentals of PE lesson. We practised and improved our running, jumping, hopping and skipping skills and talked about what we enjoyed and what we want to get better at.