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Autumn 1 - All about Us

Week 8

Wow what a busy 8 weeks we've had in Chameleons class. We are all so proud of the children for their endless enthusiasm, fabulous manners and their hard work. They are all superstars.

For our final week we have been learning to compare numbers using more and less. We compared dotty plates and worked out which plate had more dots than the number 2 plate. We also played a game in pairs where we had to choose a card and work out which number it represented. Then we compared it to our partner's card and the person who had the biggest number got to keep the cards. If they were the same we both kept our cards. At the end we worked out who had won by counting how many cards we each had.

Week 7

We have been super busy this week. We started off with our new read write inc lessons where we learn to say, read and write a new sound each day. We have a carpet time followed by free choice activities where we can practise our sounds, these include; searching for sounds in the pasta, writing sounds in chalk outside or with sand, or even playdough. We also work at the group table where we practise using magnetic letters.


Representing numbers 1, 2 and 3

In maths, we have been learning to represent or show numbers in different ways.

We used dotty plates for each number from 1-3 then we worked in pairs to find other ways to show each number. We used numicon, dice, objects, our fingers and magnetic numbers.

We have also been practising counting to 10 forwards and backwards using the song below.


Our Class Story

Our class is named after a character from the story by Eric Carle 'The Mixed Up Chameleon. This week we have been listening to the story and recalling the characters. We thought of talk for writing actions to help us to remember which animals the Chameleon wanted to be and why. Then we performed them in our groups. We also came up with some actions to tell the first line of the story, which we all performed together.

Foxes talk for writing

Still image for this video

Giraffes talk for writing

Still image for this video

Flamingos talk for writing

Still image for this video

Polar Bears talk for writing

Still image for this video

Chameleon Video

To find out more about Chameleons, we watched this video. I wonder if you can remember any chameleon facts.... Re watch the video to help.


Week 6

At Walkley this week, we started with two training days for staff, which meant extra days off for children. We hope that you enjoyed your extra time together.

With Mrs English on Wednesday afternoons, the children enjoy learning about the world around them through simple investigations, observation and discussion. Look out for a blog from Mrs English soon!!



Our first maths lessons

Every day we have a carpet lesson where we learn about numbers, shape and measures. For our first week of maths, we have been counting our fingers, with the song below. 

We have also been learning about matching and sorting. Each day we used different resources. Sorting bears, bugs, numicon pieces and socks. We talked about the things that each object had in common such as colour, size or pattern and then we compared them to our partner's object. After that we sorted them into matching groups.

Week 5

This week our fabulous paper plate faces were put up on the wall. We think they look fabulous! Everybody also wrote their names so that we know who everybody is.

We did our first piece of work in our new golden writing books. We wrote our names, trying hard to use a tripod grip then we drew pictures of our families. It was fantastic to hear so many children talking about their pictures. Some even included pets.  Look at the fantastic examples below.


Week 4

Another super start to our week in Chameleons Class. We have listened to lots of stories and are starting to focus well during carpet sessions. We also used clear voices to share ideas with the class when we discussed our pets and our hobbies.

The paper plates that we painted last week are now ready to make into faces.

We looked in mirrors and thought carefully about which features we needed to add including eyes, ears, noses and hair. We used a range of materials including, wool, pipe cleaners, pom-poms and buttons. They look amazing!

Week 3

We have had a fabulous 3rd week in Chameleons class. The children are so independent at drop-off time and know our morning routines really well. We practise writing our names everyday. Soon we will start Read Write Inc where we will to say, read and write sounds. 

This week we have been looking at a book all about differences. We looked at the pictures and identified how each person was different. We talked with our partners about skin colour, hair colour and length, eye colour, pets we own, our favourite foods and colours. During talk partner work, we talk and listen to our partner on the carpet and then sometimes we share our ideas with the whole class. This is a technique that we use all the way through school and is a fantastic way to develop our communication skills.

After our discussion, we started some creative work by painting paper plate faces. We looked carefully in mirrors and then chose which paint colour we needed. Next week we will add features like hair, eyes and ears. When they are finished they will be put up on display in our classroom.

Class Wide Reward Party 1

We reached the treasure chest on our CWR chart last Friday which means we have received 40 class wide rewards for fantastic learning and behaviour in our first three weeks. Brilliant everybody! . To celebrate this fab achievement we voted for extra time on the trim trail. We showcased our climbing and balancing skills and had lots of fun to boot. Well done Everyone!


Let's get started!

Weeks 1 and 2

Welcome everyone. We are so happy to finally meet all of you. What a fantastic start you have all made to school. Mrs Wallis, Miss Whitham, Mrs English and myself have all been so impressed with they way the children have settled into the routines. 

Over the first few days we have been learning lots of procedures. The children have been really good at listening and following the instructions. We learned about our Class Wide Reward Chart. Each time we get a reward we move along the path to the treasure. At 40 rewards we get a party! We also played some fun name games to get to know each other. Bug in the rug was a class favourite. Just like in the Caterpillars, jigsaw puzzles are very popular in our class and children have been brilliant at working together to complete them. We've also enjoyed using the big touchscreen.


Outside, we learned some simple rules for staying safe and then we set off exploring. Riding bikes, building museums with the big blocks, making models with lego, filling containers in the water tray. These are just a few of the fun activities we found to do.

We also listened to some stories including the story that our class name comes from. 'The Mixed Up Chameleon' by Eric Carle.


Inside we learned how to use the new painting easel and had lots of fun mixing colours. We also had our first lunchtime on Wednesday in the big hall. The children were amazing at following instructions. They carried their trays carefully, practised using cutlery and even cleared their trays away, just like the older children do. 


On Friday we loved our Friday Disco and then we joined our first Golden Assembly online with all the other infant children. The children were fantastic at clapping for the award winners and doing the drumroll.

We hope everyone had a brilliant first week, we certainly did. Well done Chameleons!



Welcome to Chameleons Class Blog.

Every week we will post pictures and information about what we've been doing in class on these pages. This is a great platform to aid discussions with your child about their time in school. We will share the posts in class with the children too, they love seeing the pictures and at the end of the year we really enjoy looking back at what we have achieved as a class. We can't wait to share exciting work and learning with you. Remember to check back each week.