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Autumn 2

Fun in the forest!

The Varjak Paws were given the task of creating a trailer for a movie set in a forest. We used the I-Movie app to take the videos and edit the text. The groups of children had to decide on the genre for their movies. We had a really fun day and the children worked very hard in their groups and showed fantastic team work skills. Well done Varjak Paws!

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Forest School


The children have been out in the Forest School this week. We realise this is a hectic time for the pupils, so we talked about the benefits of mindfulness for their mental and physical health. Then, the pupils had to use their senses to explore the Forest School and describe what they could see, smell, hear and touch.


To develop their cooperative skills, the children had to work in groups to build a den. The den had to be made out of natural materials, as well as being sturdy and weatherproof. Myself and Mrs Goff were very impressed with the quality of the structures in such a short space of time.

Streets of Sheffield


To launch or new theme of 'Sheffield', we have been writing songs for the tourism board to use in an advertising campaign. Our songs showcase all that Sheffield has to offer and are set to the tune of Ralph McTell's 'Streets of London'. The children worked very hard at researching places of interest in Sheffield and then playing the tune on the xylophones, in order to write original lyrics about tourist attractions in our great home city. 

Parachute Investigation


We have been investigating the effect of the force air resistance. We wanted to find out if the size of the canopy of a parachute affected the time it took to fall to the ground. We worked in groups to plan and carry out our investigation. The independent variable (the thing we changed) was the size of the canopy. We made 3 different parachutes which were different sizes. The dependent variable (the thing we measured) was the time it took each parachute to fall to the ground. In order to make it a fair test we had to control all the other variables such as the length of the string we used, the material we used for the canopy and the height we dropped the parachutes from. We found out that the larger the canopy, the more time it takes the parachute to fall to the ground. This is due to the force of air resistance. Well done Varjak Paws! You worked well in your groups to investigate.

The Varjak Paws are very excited about hosting our Tudor Museum next week and are busy getting everything finished to ensure that the museum is a true showcase of their expertise and hard work. We would all be delighted for parents and carers to join us for the last slot, from 2:30-3:00pm. 


The children are encouraged to dress as Tudors for the day but this needn't be a bought costume. Here are some examples of how to dress as a poor Tudor child: 

This week, we have been continuing our learning about the Tudors by beginning to make a scale model of a Tudor house. We measured art straws to varying lengths and tried to visualise how to make a 3D structure. The children were very good at working systematically and collaboratively. I can't wait to see how the houses are going to look when we construct them! 

Creating a Scale Model

The Varjak Paws have had a brilliant start to the term and have started compiling what they have learned about the Tudors, in order to write an informative report. They worked collaboratively to summarise existing reports by creating text maps. They then presented these to show what they had learned. 

Tudor Text Maps